As a Rights Respecting School we are continuing to learn about the rights and lives of children throughout the world and to explore the whole school Big Question, ‘Who do I want to be?’. Through our whole school theme, ‘Our Future Starts HERE’, we continue to focus on turning learning into action in our community and beyond.

This year, Year 6 will begin with a science topic where the children will be learning about animal and plant classification. To enhance this topic, we will be going to a variety show at the Natural History Museum on 25th September. Later on in the term we will learn about the causes and consequences, people and places, of the First World War conflict. As part of our learning we will be taking part in the Memorial Assembly in November.

In English, we will be writing informative science-based newspaper reports to inform the school community about a mysterious incident– watch this space! Later in the term, pupils will be reading the text War Horse and exploring what WWI was like through the eyes of soldiers, civilians and animals. As well as developing creativity in the writing process, we will be embedding a range of important grammar, spelling and punctuation objectives throughout the English curriculum

As part of our maths mastery initiative, maths will be taught using visual and concrete representations to support children’s developing understandings. Challenge will be posed in the form of problem solving and verbal and written reasoning. We are encouraging children to practise their times tables every night, alongside their reading in preparation for units later this year. We will start the Autumn term with place value, which focuses on knowledge of number, negative and decimal numbers.

In Science, we will begin this term with an immersive experience, leading into the Science topic: Living Things and their Habitats. Children will classify animals into broad groups according to common observable
characteristics. After this, we will be learning about Light, where children will investigate how light travels, reflects and refracts, which will culminate in an innovative STEAM exhibition in November. Once the Science Lab is open, the children will be allowed full access for their experiments!

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A range of different tasks are supported by pictures, maps, videos and web links to help you. We look forward to sharing your projects on the website, in our home learning displays and during special assemblies.

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