Who do I want to be?

As a Rights Respecting School we are continuing to learn about the rights and lives of children throughout the world and to explore the whole school Big Question, ‘Who do I want to be?’. Through our whole school theme, ‘Our Future Starts HERE’, we continue to focus on turning learning into action in our community and beyond

In English, we will be exploring the tale of Beowulf, through which we will practise our reading skills to investigate character and setting descriptions. The children will use this along with year 5 grammar skills to write their own ending to the tale of Beowulf. Later in the term, we will be writing our own newspaper reports and explanation texts detailing the sudden invasion of the Vikings on Anglo Saxon Britain.

In Maths, We will spend time investigating the following subject areas through our Mastery approach to mathematics: place value, fractions, decimals, percentages, shape and measures using all four number operations. We will also focus on developing our reasoning skills and depth of knowledge in these key areas using Add’em’s questions

In science We will be focusing on the topic of Forces. Children will be investigating areas such as opposing forces, gravity, friction, air and water resistance. Later in the term, the children will continue to develop their scientific enquiry skills through the topic of Material, where we will investigate the properties of solids, liquids and gases.

For top tips to improve reading and writing skills look at our Torriano Detective Agency and List of Magic sections.

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A range of different tasks are supported by pictures, maps, videos and web links to help you. We look forward to sharing your projects on the website, in our home learning displays and during special assemblies.

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