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Did you read The School of Good and Evil? How about the latest Tom Gates or David Walliams book? Are you desperate to share how much you loved it?!

This is a space for you to share and discuss those page turners that have made you laugh and cry!

Simply tell us;
-Name of the book
-Name of the author
-A brief bit about the book (no spoilers please!)
-And why you enjoyed it

Lucy’s Librarians!

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  1. Recently I read the picture book Blackdog by Levi Pinfold. One day a black dog appears outside the Hope family’s home. As each member of the household sees it and hides, the dog grows bigger and bigger. Only Small, the youngest Hope, has the courage to face the Black Dog.

    What really shone out were the unique illustrations, both the large and colorful ones as well as the miniature grey tone pictures. I loved their intricacies and their style. There is an underlying message about confronting your fears that I thought was very powerful; look out for a copy in your book corners!

  2. Wow.i really want us to be the best school in England

  3. Alice Feron 5vb says:

    I absouloutely loved the series Osbert the avenger and the Woeblegone twins. I recomend the book to readers who like murder and mayhem. The books by Christopher William Hilland all though the book doesnt have illistrasions but the front cover is very eye catching, by Chris Riddell who is my favourite author. The Mortenberg twins are living well until this stranger comes in welcomed in by their aunt Gisela. Their parents have died in mysterious circumstances and their soon to lose someone special to them again.

  4. The name of the book is One-Nil
    The author is called Tony Bradman
    There is a boy called Luke and he meets the England squad. He plays with them and he is so excited
    I enjoyed it because it is interesting and fun!

  5. the name of the book is one-nil
    the author is called Tony Bradman
    there is a boy called Luke and he meets the England squad he plays with them and he is so excited

  6. Zafeerah 5VB says:

    The people who love pets should read Max’s Story. It is about a lonely girl at school but her parents want her to have friends so they get her a pet to cheer her up.

  7. The name of the book is “Heroes of Olympus” by Rick Riordan.
    “Heroes of Olympus” is actually a series of Greek mythology stories, but with invented characters mixed with real Gods.
    Rick Riordan also wrote the “Percy Jackson” series and the “Kane” series.
    “Heroes of Olympus” is an amazingly captivating collection of books, as the reader experiences unforgettable, life or death adventures along side with Leo, Piper and Jason.
    I recommend the Percy Jackson books from year 3 and upwards, as for the heroes of Olympus series from end of year 4 and upwards.

    I hope that you enjoy the books as much as I did! ( well, if you read them anyway! ) ;D

    from Ines in 5MW

  8. My favourite book is called How to Code!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mr Western says:

    Some lovely reviews Year 5!

    Berkay, your text choice sounds like a really exciting read for children who have an interest in football. Would you still recommend the book as an exciting read for children who are less interested in football?

    Wow, a very confident book review Ines. Can you tell me about a problem that the protagonist (main character) has to overcome?

    I am currently reading Skellig by David Almond with my Guided Reading group and am looking forward to sharing the next chapter with them. It is about a down-hearted young boy, Michael, who discovers a half-dead, human-like creature in an unused garage…

  10. i recommend Tom gates book. It is a famous book and has amazing pictures as well.

  11. People who love spies should read the spy kids.Its about 2 kids Melissa and Troy.So this is how the story begins Melissa said their is something Mum is hiding and Im going to figure it out,so she is very suspicious.They dont know that their Mum is a spy,so they try and become spies (which is very hard.)
    Then they visit The watch shop (which is very hard to find) then they start arguing about which way the watch shop is.
    But I really enjoyed the book and I would like to read more series of the book.

  12. One of my favourite books is the boy who swam with piranhas by David almond. This book refers to people who love their imagination and think outside the box. Life isn’t easy for the young lad Stanley Potts
    I only said lad because the book is full of accent like lad, or tiddler.

  13. Yusra Abdulkadir in 5MW says:

    I just started to read Awful Auntie by David William that Chris kindly gave to me. It started with some tense start. Stella (the little girl born 1920) couldn’t move her body or even her toes so she wiggled it slowly. Then she heard noises.” Mum Mum,who is it?”she screamed. Then a silhouette appeared at the front door. Whoever was they came in. It was Awful Auntie. Then their was a close up family tree.

  14. I would recomend the Alex Rider books by Antony Horowitz. I loved it because it was action packed and I couldn’t stop reading.I would recommend this book to people who like action and spies.

  15. i loved the book awful auntie it was really funny and very good

  16. A book that I really like is username :Evie by joe sugg. It’s a graphic novel about a girl called Evie who doesn’t like the world that she lives in. Her dad, who has a disease, dies and she wonders what had he been doing all the time on his computer.

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