SEND Local Offer

9. How do we work in partnership with parents and carers?

We know that the active involvement of parents/carers in supporting the education of their child is one of the most important factors in ensuring a child’s success and achievement.

We know that parents are the first educators of their child and that we need their knowledge to plan effectively

From our involvement in the Achievement for All* project we have developed a style of working with parents/carers – for example, through a regular Structured Conversations which places parents/carer at the heart of decision-making about their child.

We will always involve parents and children in planning and reviewing progress.

We make every effort to communicate clearly and regularly with parents and carers of children with SEND about, for example:

  • how we support their children;
  • their achievements and their well-being and.
  • their participation in the full life of our school.

We will also help and advise parents/carers on how to help their children make progress at home, for example in mathematics and reading.

We welcome and value feedback on how well we are working with our parents.

We try to communicate in plain English and have several bi-lingual staff who can offer translation and interpretation services in Urdu, Somali, French, Arabic. With notice, we can arrange a translator in other languages.


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