SEND Local Offer

5. How do we review your child’s progress?

It is very important for our school that ALL of our children enjoy success and achievement and make good progress in learning.

We use the information we have about each child who has been identified as having SEND to plan a personal programme of SEND support. This is your child’s My Plan and will include termly outcomes (targets), and show a record of your termly structured conversation.

We develop this in partnership with parents and the child and will agree outcomes during our termly structured conversation meetings with parents.

My Plan will include short term outcomes (targets) and will describe how we will support your child to achieve these targets.

Once a term we review in school how well all children, including those with SEND, are progressing. We call this our Pupil Progress Meeting.

We will arrange a termly structured conversation meeting with parents of children with SEND to discuss how well they have progressed. We will agree new targets and sometimes think of different ways of supporting, for example, a small reading group with a trained member of staff.

We make sure that parents/carers know the next steps for learning for their child.

We will report formally once a year on the progress of all children, including those with SEND and for some pupils we will provide more frequent reports.


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