School Ethos

Rights Respecting School

Torriano has been involved with UNICEF’s Rights Respecting School Awards programme since 2009. The school acquired Level 2 status in 2011 and was revalidated in July 2014. Torriano  became a Gold level school in 2018. This page will keep you updated on all of the RRS events and campaigns in which the children are involved.

WE Day 2020

Children from year 5 and 6 attended the annual WE Day event at Wembley Arena last week. Tickets are allocated to schools who have been involved in social action in their schools. The children were very excited to hear from people such as Idris Elba, climate activist Noga Levy-Rapoport, Jamie Oliver, former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard and many more inspiring speakers.

School Council Plans

The school council found a new peachy spot for this week’s meeting. We have been discussing sustainability within our school and met with our Business Manager Maria to discuss the use of plastic in the school. We have now embarked on a new mission for change. More details to follow.

Earth I Love You- Climate Action

As part of Fridays For Futures, the whole school performed poems about our planet this Friday. We support calls for climate action and used our voices to proclaim our love for our beautiful planet and the need for action to save it.

Takeover Day Woodwork Class!

For Takeover day, three children in year 4 taught a Woodwork class. Children got to saw and hammer their own wood creations!

Contemporary dance stars!

For Takeover day, these contemporary dance stars choreographed their own piece in just 20 minutes! Check out the video on Twitter.

Best Sustainable School Initiative Award

Torriano were delighted to win the Camden award for Best Sustainable School Initiative in recognition of our commitment to the SDGs and climate action. They were particularly impressed with the banning of single use plastic bottles in the school and our introduction of Meat Free Mondays. Changes such as these are all part of our school focus on a curriculum with the Sustainable Development Goals and pupil voice at its core.

Year 5 celebrate the 30th Birthday of the UNCRC

We reminded ourselves of the rights we have been given by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child. We did a quiz to check our understanding and we created a timeline of all the events that led to the creation of the UNCRC and how they fit into major events in history. We even considered how this fits into the larger timeline of the universe! We then wrote letters to the Secretary of State for International Development to encourage them to give money to poorer countries to help them to vaccinate their children and prevent childhood illnesses.

World Children’s Day-UNCRC

We celebrated 30 years of children’s rights today with a special assembly and lessons in class. We believe that children’s rights should be upheld all over the world. Sadly for some children this is not the case.

Takeover Day Preparation

Our school councillors have been busy preparing for Takeover Day. They sorted the shadowing and job applications from children and have begun allocating roles. They are looking forward to taking over the school next week.

Odd Socks Day

We had lots of fun celebrating Odd Socks Day, part of Anti Bullying Week. Socks flew through the air as teachers and children danced and displayed their individuality. This year’s theme was Change Starts With Us.

Sustainable High Street-SDG13- Climate Action

Year 1 held a Sustainable High Street this week as part of their learning on our local area. We used pears from our garden to make healthy muffins and seasonal fruit kebabs, ran exchange shops and even made our own SDG canvas bags.  The children’s oracy skills were outstanding as they explained how they had made their goods and why it is important to reuse and recycle.

World’s Largest Lesson: Is this Recyclable?

Year 1 looked at lots of food packaging in class this week as part of the World’s Largest Lesson. We checked the packages for the recycling symbol and realise that most of the plastic packaging cannot be recycled.

Green for the Goals-Climate Action

The whole school came together today to speak out for SDG 13 Climate Action. Everyone dressed in green and children delivered speeches, inspired by Greta Thunberg, calling for action for our planet.

Team London Ambassadors – Fountain Success

Out Team London Ambassadors (TLA) were very excited to visit the new water fountain outside Kentish Town Station last term. Since taking part in the OneLess plastic bottle campaign with ZSL over two years ago, we at Torriano have been passionate about making a change in our school community and through the SDG’s, to life under water. We were the first school in Camden whose school council  banned  single use bottles and the whole school have been inspired ever since.

The TLA spoke on the subject the Mayor’s Office as part of the Team London community action campaign and were delighted to find that Kentish Town had been chosen as one of the new locations.

Congratulations to the Team London Ambassadors who have been changemakers in our community.

Send My Friend to School


Nursery have been thinking about children that cannot go to school.

They all think it would be really sad.

So they have drawn some lovely pictures of themselves with messages about what is so great about going to school.

Fridays for Futures – SDG 13- Climate Action

The whole school took action outside the school this week as part of Greta Thunberg’s Friday for Futures campaign. The children made their own banners with some great slogans and urge passing motorists to think about our planet.

Visit from Greenpeace

On Tuesday, Year 2 were visited by Lindsay, a volunteer for Greenpeace. Lindsay explained to us the effect of deforestation on the habitats of different critically endangered animals and the part palm oil farming has to play in this. We created posters in order to help others become aware of this growing problem, all of which will be available on the Greenpeace website very soon!

Town Hall Takeover

Children from Torriano took over Camden Town Hall this week as part of Camden Takeover Day. They met with representatives from the Ham and High, the police, TFL and Camden Town planning to offer their views on what is on offer in our borough and what is important to  children in the area.

Team London Ambassadors Water Fountain Pitch

Our Team London Ambassadors recently successfully applied to pitch for funding as part of the Mayor’s community action project. They were very excited to make their pitch for £1,000 at London’s iconic City Hall. Their pitch was to help fund a campaign to install a water fountain in Kentish Town and was inspired by the school’s Oneless plastic bottle campaign.

The pitch was very successful and the judging team were very impressed with the children’s commitment to their community. We will receive the results before Christmas.

Takeover Day-2018

The children took over the school on Friday as part of World Children’s Day celebrations and it was a fun packed day for children and adults alike. The children shadowed adults throughout the school and even wrote the school newsletter! The variety of lessons taught by children was staggering; contemporary dance, cooking, sewing, snooker and quidditch, the children’s imaginations knew no bounds.

Thank you to our wonderful school council who worked hard over the last three weeks promoting and hiring children to teach and shadow.  You did a fantastic job!

Harvest Collection- Trussell Trust

Our food collection was collected today by The Trussell Trust. Your food donations will go to support families in crisis in our community.

School Councillors prepare for Takeover Day

School council have been busy preparing for Takeover Day. We have read through hundreds of job and shadowing applications and look forward to next week,

The Right to be Safe

100 years after the end of World War 1, we came together with schools from across CAmden to remember those who died and to celebrate a peaceful society

Team London Assembly

A representative from Team London came in to talk to us about volunteering in our community and how we can use our voices and actions to be changemakers. We will be working with them throughout the year.

School Council Training

Our school councillors attended a training session with Camden Learning this week. This helped them to understand how to run an effective school council and how to ensure they use their right to be heard.

School Council Elections

Children across the school voted for their new school councillors this week following some fantastic manifestos from those standing. Results will be announced next week.h


Online Safety is the duty of both parents and staff, who work with children, to ensure that all users of the “virtual” or digital world are safe and that the same standards of safe and acceptable behaviour that apply in our communities is also applied online.
As a community we need to recognise and guard against bullying, intimidation, discrimination and exploitation of vulnerable users amongst the online users we know but more importantly from “stranger danger”.

Online Safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Torriano Primary School. We have extensive security measures and safe working practices in place in school, which are monitored both internally and externally, to help safeguard pupils from potential dangers or unsuitable material.

In school children are taught how to stay safe and behave appropriately online. Adults should, as you would in the real world, educate children on what to do when they encounter danger and how best to deal with it. As a school, Online Safety incidents are dealt with in accordance with our policies and sanctions applied to deal with unacceptable behaviour.

We can only be successful in keeping children safe online if staff and parents work together to ensure the Online Safety message is consistent. It is important that adults speak to their children about how they can keep safe, teach them how to behave appropriately online, set rules and deal with bad behaviour.

When we talk about Online Safety we are not just talking about the Internet we are talking about the use of computers, games consoles (such as Xbox), mobile phones, televisions, tablets (such as the iPad) and many other things.

For this reason we are holding an Online Safety meeting in the Gatehouse starting at 9:30am on the 2nd November 2018  where there will be a presentation and discussion with Mary Rebelo, Camden Online Safety guru and Justin Bioletti, Torriano Primary School Digital Leader. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about any concerns or worries that you might have.

If you have any worries or concerns about Online Safety, please contact Mr Bioletti.

Never Too Young to Know Your Rights

Nursery have been building their class charters and using sound buttons to learn about their rights.

Soccer Aid: Fundraising for Children in Danger

This Friday we will be holding our very own Soccer  Aid playground challenge in the pitch to raise money for children in danger because of wars around the world. The money we raise can help build a safe place for a child where they can relax and play.

Children are asked to dress in football gear or blue and bring a donation of £1.  Thank you to the many children who have already raised over £200 through their own fundraising outside of school. You are an example to us all!

How do you travel to school?

Air pollution continues to be a growing problem in London and particularly here in Camden. At Torriano we value the rights of all children to be healthy and breathe clean air.  We also think that we can make a difference through our actions.  One way we can be change makers is to reconsider the way we travel to school and we encourage all our students to walk to school when possible.

Further details on how you can make your trip to school more sustainable are available here

Use Less Plastic!

Year 1 delivered their call to action Use Less Plastic in loud, clear voices at our STEAM exhibition. Putting together everything we have learnt about the environment, the #OneLess campaign and all the work we had done on rhythms and beats we created our own protest song. The songs are entirely our own work. We even made the instruments you hear on the track, considering carefully the properties of the materials we used. The percussion, the words and the voices all come from Year 1. We are very proud to be changemakers!

Being Changemakers on World Speech Day

1C made their mark on World Speech Day by passing on a very important message in their class assembly. They asked parents and carers to help them keep Kentish Town streets clean, as well as reduce plastic in the world’s oceans. The children wrote the assembly themselves and have shown real passion in protecting our planet, following the SGDs.

Children’s Learning Walk- Right to be heard

Our school councillors held a meeting this week to update our children’s Work Plan and discuss our learning walk.  We have been listening to our classmates and making changes based on this.  We discussed the changes to the lunch hall, which are very popular with all of the children, particularly now that packed lunches and school dinners sit together.  We also discussed the playground charter which we plan to update. The councillors fed back on their meeting to Miss Bruckdorfer, Mr Hann, PE Lead and to our classes.

One of our most interesting discussions was about the issue of cream eggs at Easter which classes are now discussing as the council are not sure if a Healthy School should give them out.

We await their decision.

Camden School Debates- Right to be Heard

Our proxy school councillors attended the Camden School Council Debates to debate the topic, Should one use plastic bottles be banned in Camden Schools.  The debates were held in the Council Chamber with Camden’s Mayor leading the event.  Our councillors were very passionate about their subject and even took action to remove all the single use plastic bottles at the Town Hall event.

Democracy in Action

Our school councillors visited parliament to learn about the beginning of British democracy.  We also had a chance to tour the house visiting, the lords and commons gallery. We were very interested to see the artwork of Cornelia Parker  which contained a number of images from Kentish Town which our intrepid councillors spotted straight away.

Linking Rights to SDGs

Year 3 have been thinking about the Sustainable Development Goals and how they link to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Oneless Plastic Bottle

Torriano pupils have been moved by the plight of our seas this year. We have passionately joined ZSL’s Oneless campaign to reduce the use of single use plastic bottles and we are committed to making a difference.  Our Rights Respecting School councillors have exercised their Right to be Heard and have written to parents to ask them to help us change our habits.

As a result of this, from Monday 19th February single use bottles will no longer be allowed in school.  Children will be urged to use the clean, fresh water which is freely available at school or bring in a reusable bottle.

Our planet is precious and we need to protect it for all our futures.

Safer Internet Day 2018

Create, Connect and Share Respect. A better internet starts with you!

Safer Internet Day 2018 was celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.
More than a thousand organisations across the UK got involved to help inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.
The internet is an amazing place which can help us in our real lives. You can use it to research and collaborate for school projects or to chat with your friends or family on Skype, wherever they may live in the world.

It’s really important that we think about how our actions online affects our lives offline.Sometimes what we do online can affect us in a negative way, but this year we’re going to be focussing on how we can do things online to really create something positive!

What are the key ingredients we need to feel good and happy about ourselves online?

Who Needs Rights?

Year 2 made a Foundling class charter today as part of their immersive history day.  They compared their rights with those of the children of the Foundling Hospital who lived under strict conditions during the Victorian era.

The children used their oracy skills to discuss which rights they thought the children should have had.

We are all very happy to live in the 21st century where the UNCRC guarantees and stands up for the rights of children all over the world.

#OneLess Project – Discussion Panel

I think we can all say that the subject knowledge the children showed today during the discussion panel was impressive. They showed a fantastic understanding of the effect plastic has on our planet and shared some exciting alternatives to single use plastic bottles. We want to say a big well done to all the children for their dedication to the #OneLess campaign. We’d also like to say a big thank you to Jenny Griffiths, our expert panelist, from the Marine Conservation Society.

We hope that our message is heard loud and clear. Go #OneLess today and help reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans.

Torriano Takeover Day 2017

What a day!

The children took over the school with great aplomb and energy today.  We started the day with an excellent assembly delivered by two students and their fantastic aunt, Julie. She told us about children’s lives in Sri Lanka and how they ensured their rights were upheld.

Following a quick staff meeting in the adult staff room, our student teachers headed to the classroom.  We then had some interesting and fabulous lessons, taught by our mini teachers.

They ranged from, Chess, Maths, Dance, Baking,  Cycling, Minecraft and Coding  to one of the most notable lessons of the day which was the ‘How to hunt like a Wolf’ lesson which was taught to a very excited class of year ones. We hear it was a howling success!

Well done to everyone today, your enthusiasm was infectious and you most certainly demonstrated that you are self directed, resilient learners.

The future is bright!

ONLINE SAFETY PARENT WORKSHOP: November 23rd at 5:30pm

Online Safety is the duty of both parents and staff, who work with children, to ensure that all users of the “virtual” or digital world are safe and that the same standards of safe and acceptable behaviour that apply in our communities is also applied online.
As a community we need to recognise and guard against bullying, intimidation, discrimination and exploitation of vulnerable users amongst the online users we know but more importantly from “stranger danger”.

Online Safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Torriano Primary School. We have extensive security measures and safe working practices in place in school, which are monitored both internally and externally, to help safeguard pupils from potential dangers or unsuitable material.

In school children are taught how to stay safe and behave appropriately online. Adults should, as you would in the real world, educate children on what to do when they encounter danger and how best to deal with it. As a school, Online Safety incidents are dealt with in accordance with our policies and sanctions applied to deal with unacceptable behaviour.

We can only be successful in keeping children safe online if staff and parents work together to ensure the Online Safety message is consistent. It is important that adults speak to their children about how they can keep safe, teach them how to behave appropriately online, set rules and deal with bad behaviour.

When we talk about Online Safety we are not just talking about the Internet we are talking about the use of computers, games consoles (such as Xbox), mobile phones, televisions, tablets (such as the iPad) and many other things.

For this reason we are holding an Online Safety meeting in the Gatehouse starting at 5:30pm on the 23rd November 2017  where there will be a presentation and discussion with Mary Rebelo, Camden Online Safety guru and Justin Bioletti, Torriano Primary School Digital Leader. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about any concerns or worries that you might have.

If you have any worries or concerns about Online Safety, please contact Mr Bioletti.

London Assembly Meet School Council

Camden’s representative for the London Assembly Andrew Dismore met with the school council this week.  He told them how he instigated Holocaust Memorial Day and they explained how our Takeover Day helps them understand how to take control.

Torriano Takeover Day

School Council have been busy preparing for Takeover Day. They received countless job and shadowing applications from children and have now filled all the positions.  #selforganisedlearners

Assembling In The Round

Stemming from our whole school focus on oracy and the right to be heard, Year 2 have been preparing to do assemblies in the round.

We have perfected creating our circle, with help from the new display being created above us. We have now created our guidelines to make sure we are listening well to each other and speaking clearly when we have ideas.

We have agreed to:

– have one speaker at a time

– stop, look and listen

– keep eye contact

– use a clear and confident voice

– respect the speaker

We look forward to putting these guidelines into practice in our next ‘in the round’ assembly!

Talking Loud; Saying Something.

What a Careers Week! Year 1 have met so many exciting visitors. We have thought about how police officers, a speech and language therapist, a midwife, a musician, an actress and market traders use their voices in their jobs. We have learnt how to project our voices in different ways. We have done lots of acting out different careers and thoroughly enjoyed our right to an education.

Everybody’s Talking About Careers Week

It’s been a busy start to the week as our very capable Career Kids welcomed numerous visitors to the school.  In year three we’ve been trying to find out how important it is to use your voice to persuade and how resilient we need to be in our current chutney enterprise.  Prepare to be persuaded!

World’s Largest Lesson – Sustainable food

At the end of WLL, Year 6 created their own sustainable dish criteria. Based on this, we went to our local supermarket; bought some seasonal produce with minimal plastic packaging and cooked up a storm in the Earth Kitchen. In the classroom, we had some messy fun making some potato gnocchi(british potatoes, of course) and in the Earth Kitchen we cooked it with some fresh asparagus and peas. The dish was delicious and disappeared within seconds.If you are interested in making this at home, I’m sure the Year 6’s will be happy to share the recipe.

School Council Elections

Following a week of keen campaigning throughout the school, our elections were held today.  Each child voted for one boy and one girl from their class  in this closely run race.  The voting process went very smoothly with the help of some very active and organised outgoing councillors from year 6.

The results will be announced on Thursday morning so watch this space to meet our new Rights Respecting Councillors.

It’s Campaigning Time

Election fever has hit Torriano this week as the children prepare to cast their votes in our School Council Elections.  Posters have begun to festoon the school and the candidates have been reading their manifestos and sharing their favourite values with their classmates. The elections will be held this Tuesday so look out for the results.

Year 5 prepare for school council elections

Year 5 spoke loudly, clearly and powerfully about how they would be changemakers in the school if they were elected to be a member of the school council. We are sure all of them would be great ambassadors for the school – it is going to be so hard to choose who to vote for next week!

Meet Your School Councillors

Our councillors had their first meeting today and shared lots of ideas for the school.  It’s going to be an exciting year.

WLL – Sustainable Cooking in the Earth Kitchen

What a fantastic day we’ve had in the Earth Kitchen! Building on the children’s work for The World’s Largest Lesson, Year 4 sourced and used ingredients to cook a meal that was nutritious, delicious and sustainable. By making a dish that contained locally sourced produce with minimal plastic packaging, we helped support the global goals! #globalgoalsweek

Year 5 World’s Largest Lesson

Year 5 discussed the statement: We waste too much food. They used their food logs to help form their ideas and either challenged or built on what other people said. We will be exploring where our food comes from and how we can make a change and be more sustainable with our food choices later in the week.

World’s Largest Lesson

Year 3 have been learning about the Global Goals today as part of the World’s Largest Lesson.  This is a global movement to raise awareness of the work being done around the world to improve lives.  We looked at a typical plate of food and investigated the amount of sugar and packaging it would take to produce it.

World’s Largest Lesson – Talking Food Waste

Following on from their food waste homework, Year 4 had a in-depth discussion about the food they waste at home using our discussion guidelines. We came up with lots of useful and thoughtful ways to reduce food in the home including weighing out portions, freezing extra portions of leftover food and donating extra meals to people in the community.

Debating food waste for World’s Largest Lesson

In Year 6 we have been looking at how much food households and supermarkets waste every year. Our starting point was to compare figures on how much food supermarkets order and how much food ends up being wasted. After finding out about the damaging environmental effects of wasting food and the alarming levels of child hunger in the UK, we then debated whether or not supermarkets should be held accountable for wasted produce. We feel very passionate that they do, so we are drafting a persuasive email to a chosen supermarket highlighting the importance of donating more food waste to local charities.

Camden School Council Debates

Our school councillors debated with councils from all over Camden at the Mayor’s Chambers this week.  Our topic was that SDG’s should be part of every school’s curriculum. We practised our speaking, debating and presentation skills and also discussed our concerns about air quality in Camden with other schools and local councillors.

Day for Change- Fundraising Total

This year’s Day for Change was truly incredible.  Raising money for children with malnutrition, each class rose to the occasion and broke every previous record.

The week began with a school assembly delivered by our school councillors and then there was, poster design, a readathon, letters to our families, the mileathon and a wonderful UNICEF themed emergency hospital. Watch our film to see our change makers in action.

Each class then arranged their own fundraising activities over the following two weeks.  We had cake sales, pogoing, busking, lemonade sales, silences…the list goes on.

In short, you were amazing! Your empathy for those less fortunate than yourselves was wonderful to witness and remember that the money we raised will be doubled by UNICEF.

We raised a record £1,646.71, this will go to pay for nurses, food and vitamins for children suffering the effects of malnutrition.

Southbank Concert

To mark the end of Refugee Week, on Friday, 5B headed to the Royal Festival Hall for their Harmonise concert. Harmonise are a group of refugee musicians who work for Music Action International. This a charity that works with students from primary/secondary schools and refugee musicians on creating songs together.

“For the past month and a half a group of musicians from Harmonise have come in and talked to us about their personal experiences as refugees. As a class we’ve both learnt and created songs. Our main message is that music connects and war divides, meaning music has the power to bring people together but war has the power to divide them. One of the songs we sang is called ‘The Village’ and this was composed partly by me and partly by Ian Canal. I wanted to show people how helpful music can be. For example, if you’re travelling to a new place, you can take something from the old place to new place through music. This is what musicians like Jean Paul and Roshi have done with us on this project. ”

Lyra Sweeney, 5B

STEAM 2017: A Case Study

In March, the children curated an exhibition to raise awareness about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. They communicated their learning through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths – STEAM! Click here to view the case study. A video outlining the project is available to view here.

Day For Change

Nursery children enjoyed visiting the tent provided by UNICEF where they learnt how to look after babies. They washed, fed, weighed and administered medicine to the dolls. At the end, they gave them lots of cuddles and put them to sleep.

DePaul Assembly

DePaul homeless charity gave a very thought provoking assembly this week which helped us understand the plight of the hidden homeless.  These can be people with full time jobs who are unfortunately unable to afford homes of their own.  We talked about what home meant to us and how safe and secure it makes us feel.

UNICEF’s Day for Change 2017

The focus of Day for Change this year is helping malnourished children. The money we raise will go directly towards helping these children to grow up healthy and strong.

We will be raising money in the school next week including a number of events on Wednesday 24th May.

Sharing Stories from our Cultures

Year 3 have been telling stories in class…traditional stories.  Our task was to learn a story from our culture and then to retell it to our classmates.  We brought our toys from home for our special afternoon and we were even joined by some of our parents.  It was lovely to hear the different stories and the children used wonderful expression and description to entertain us.

Team London Ambassadors Support DePaul Charity

Our Team London Ambassadors met with representatives from the DePaul homeless charity this week.  We are working with children from Camden School for Girls and Netley Primary to both support and promote the charity.  DePaul work mainly with young people, some of whom become homeless as young as thirteen.  We interviewed some of these young people and we have collected essential items to make fifty care packages for the teens.  They will collect them from one of the charity’s bases in Kings Cross.

We also plan to have a photo exhibition to raise awareness later in the term. Details will be shared at a later date.

DePaul Assembly

Our Team London Ambassadors gave an excellent assembly asking for donations for the DePaul Homless Charity.  We are asking for donations of mints, hand sanitiser and reusable water bottles.  Please bring your donations to the school reception.

We will use these to make care packages for homeless teens in Camden.

STEAM: Maths Investigation

Will orangutangs become extinct by 2020?  This was the question posed by our teachers, we had to find evidence to prove or disprove this theory.  We organised our own learning and presented our findings to our classmates.  Sadly, the evidence supported the hypothesis.

School Council: Day for Change

Our school councillors met today to discuss fundraising ideas for our annual Day for Change. Once again the focus is on children in emergencies but this year we are particularly looking at how we can feed children nutritious food in these emergency situations.


Team London Ambassadors: Homelessness Project

The TLA have been busy over the last few weeks making connections with homeless charities and developing an action plan with our group partners (CSG and Netley).Our pitch earlier this year was successful so we have £850 to help us with our project.

We have recently made links with the DePaul charity and we will work with them over the next few months to distribute care packages to homeless young people in London.  As part of this event we will be collecting donations to put in the packs. Items most useful are:

Mints, hand sanitiser and reusable water bottles.

We will hold an assembly next week to share our progress with the rest of the school.


Team London Ambassadors: Pitch Success

Our Team London Ambassadors have just found out that their pitch at City Hall has been successful.  The judges were very impressed with their thoughtful presentations and ideas. Our group will now receive £850 towards our homelessness project. Well done everyone!

We will keep you updated with developments.

Takeover Day

We had a number of new teachers in class on Friday.  Who were they? What were those interesting lessons they were teaching? Who hired them?

It was Takeover Day of course, our annual day when children take charge of the curriculum.

Our school Councillors read the many job applications from children, appointed the roles and set up a teaching timetable.  Children then chose the lessons they would like to attend. We had Quidditch,  baking, art, ballet, football skills, story telling, science, maths, coding, German … the list goes on and on.   Children also shadowed adults in their roles throughout the day giving them a clear insight into careers within our school.

It was a wonderful day!

Pitching for Change

Children from our school are currently representing Camden in the Team London young leaders programme.  They have planned a programme of change for homeless people along with Netley primary and Camden School for Girls.  As part of the programme the children were invited to make a pitch for funding to experts at City Hall this week.

They presented their pitch in front of the panel with clarity, precision and excellent use of persuasive language.  Reminding the panel of our right to safety, the children asked the panel if they thought the homeless of Camden’s rights were being upheld.   Following their pitch, the children answered questions from the panel about their project and impressed them with their knowledge and commitment.

Well done, young leaders and good luck!

Falas Português?

Last Friday afternoon, during Take Over Day, children learnt how to hold a simple conversation in Portuguese. We also had some interesting discussions about Portuguese culture, history and celebrities. Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho and custard tarts were popular topics of conversation!

Power For Good

This week we have been learning about the Power For Good. Year 1 and 2 have saying lovely, kind words to each other and making each other feel happy. One kind word can change someone’s entire day!

Careers Week- A Huge Success

Our Careers Week was a huge success once again this year.  We had visitors from across our parent community and also from businessess across London who offered to share their experiences with us in workshops and demonstrations. This year’s focus was ‘What kind of leader will I be?’ The children asked questions which challenged our visitors to think about the values which they thought were important to them and impressed us all with their curiosity and knowledge of the SDG’s.

Our career kids shone during the visits and were described as ‘incredible, amazing and polite’ by our guests.  They took care of our visitors, checked timetables and ensured that everything ran smoothly.

Our Founders for Schools visitors treated years 5 and 6 to a Q and A style talk where the questions from children drove the discussion. Topics covered were gender equality, fairness, values and the SDG’s.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all those who supported us over Careers Week.  Thanks to you all, Torriano children have once again had opportunities to explore the world of work and extend their experiences.  They will surely be the changemakers of the future.

Year 2 Careers Week

Year 2 have had a great range of visitors for Careers Week. We have met a doctor from Great Ormond Street hospital, a town planner, an actress, a project manager for the Olympic special hats project, some firemen, a mental health social worker and the police. We asked them some fantastic questions and thought about how they communicated in their place of work. Keep a look out for our vlogs which will be our outcome from our Careers Week learning!

The RRS School Council Visit the Houses of Parliament

The Rights Respecting Council visited the Houses of Parliament today.  We were shown around by two tour guides who took us to the House of Lords and the House of Commons. We learned that the politicians that sit in the House of Commons are elected and those who sit in the House of Lords are chosen. We learned about how issues in Parliament are debated and about how we can get our voices heard.  We also explored the Palace of Westminster to find out how UK democracy has been shaped over time. We even got to stand where Nelson Mandela delivered a speech in 1996 to Westminster Hall. The Hall was built nearly 1,000 years ago by William the Conqueror’s son.

We were very excited about seeing all the pigeon holes of all 650 Members of Parliament and could pick out some of the names we knew, including Kier Starma, Michael Gove, Teresa May and Justine Greening. There was a pigeon hole which had recently had the name taken off it and we realised (because they are in alphabetical order by surname) it must have belonged to David Cameron.

We had a brilliant day and cannot wait to continue our duties as the Rights Respecting School Council.

Global Learning

At Torriano, with the help of the World’s Largest Lesson and lots of other amazing resources we have been learning about the Sustainable Development Goals. We think it is important for children and future generations to understand the world around them and develop attitudes that will help change the world for the greater good. The British Council heard about the work that we have been doing and were so impressed that they asked us to help them put together some ideas for teaching about the SDGs. To read their article click this link:

World’s Largest Lesson

As part of the World’s Largest Lesson we have been learning that everyone is special and unique. In Year 1, we have been sprinkling, mixing and blending to make a recipe for ourselves. We thought about our own personalities and mixed together different characteristics specific to ourselves.

World’s Largest Lesson

This week marks the second year of the World’s Largest Lesson and Torriano Primary School are keen to share what they have done so far this week. In assemblies and lessons we have been thinking about Gender Equality and what we can do to help achieve Global Goal #5. In KS1 we learnt that in some places around the world boys and girls do not have the same opportunities and that isn’t fair. We have also been thinking about the importance of respecting everyone, no matter what their differences. Everyone is unique and special!

Election Day

There was great excitement across the school today as children cast their votes in the School council elections. As a Rights Respecting School we value children’s right to be heard and our school council is at the heart of this ethos.  Results of the new councillors will be announced on Friday.


Good luck to all the candidates.

School Council Elections

Our Rights Respecting school council elections will be held this Wednesday across the school and children have been busy preparing.  They have been writing manifestos and presenting them to their classes.

Now it’s time for all children to make their minds up.

Our new councillors will be announced on Friday. Good luck everyone!

Rights Respecting

We kicked off year 2 by learning all about children’s rights. We read a lovely story, it told us that everyone is born free and equal. In small groups the children considered a range of different objects. Children identified the difference between their wants and needs and made links to their home and school life. They learnt all about their right to an education, to be heard, to a childhood, to be healthy and to be treated fairly.


Torriano visit to 10 Downing Street-Send my Friend

Each year, Torriano takes part in the National Send My Friend Campaign to raise awareness of the millions of children throughout the world who are not in education.  There are currently 47 million children not in school because of emergencies.  We thought about the rights of those children and wrote messages for the Prime Minister and government, urging them to put children’s education at the forefront of their policies.

Due to this commitment to change we were asked to send two children to deliver the nation’s messages to 10 Downing Street.  We worked with young people from around the UK and also young activists from Mali, Bangladesh and Nigeria to come up with questions for Minister for International Development, Nick Hurd. It was a wonderful and inspiring day, which also involved a whistle-stop tour of Parliament courtesy of our local MP Keir Starmer.

Well done to all our young campaigners at Torriano, you have stood up for the Right to an Education for others by using your Right to be Heard.

Read the Send my Friend article on the day here


The whole school has taken part in the Send My Friend to School Campaign this week, raising awareness of the 37 million children who cannot access education. Our children have been making rucksacks, emblazoned with messages to world leaders encouraging them to take action. Keir Starmer MP attended a special assembly today and took a special rucksack back to parliament. Some messages were kept aside for personal delivery to 10 Downing Street on Monday by two of our school councillors. To raise awareness, in typical Torriano fashion, we made this video.

We hope you enjoy it!

Den Day in Year 3

Today year 3 built dens in the back playground to raise awareness of the challenges that other children face around the world – and how they can help.  They worked really well as a team to plan and construct ambitious designs!

Up, Down, Under, Dribble, Bounce, Skip for NSPCC

On Friday the children completed a gruelling obstacle course and mini marathon for NSPCC. It was a fantastic effort by all the children, showing their dedication to their own right to be healthy as well as other children’s fundamental rights.

This was all part of raising money for the NSPCC. The collection date is Tuesday 21st June, please send your child’s sponsorship in the given envelopes by tomorrow.

Thanks for your continued support!

Our Buddy Charter

Year three are taking their roles as buddies very seriously.  They have thought about how they felt when they first arrived in the junior building and how they can help year 2 settle in.  Using the 5 Rights they have come up with their own Buddy Charter.

Day for Change

Our School Councillors held a special assembly this week as part of their Day for Change Campaign. Their request that all children dress in blue to help raise money for children in emergencies was a great success.

To date we have raised over £350 and are still collecting.

Global Goals: The Story so Far

On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders committed to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs). 17 goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years.

End extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change.

At Torriano Primary School we have been learning about the SDGs throughout the school year and how they will ‘Shape the Future’.

Each term, each year group focused on a range of different Global Goals.

Please watch our video to find out more.

Countdown to Day for Change

We have been busy counting our change collection in reception.  The current total is …£283 which the government have promised to match.

This Friday the 6th all children (and adults) are invited to wear blue and ring in a donation of .50 or more so that we can boost our coin collection.  Remember that every penny raised helps children in emergencies.

Something’s Happening Here

What could have happened to surprise our school councillor like this? Listen carefully in next week’s assemblies and you might find out.


At STEAM 2016 Planet Under Pressure, Year 5 shared their learning about Space and the possibility of future human voyages to Mars for the purpose of living there (SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 9 Innovation and Infrastructure).

With much appreciated help from Andy and Tanya, they wrote and performed their own news report about the first landings on Mars.

Food for Thought

The children of year 6 certainly got their message about climate change across at the STEAM 2016 Planet Under Pressure exhibition. We hope there are now more parents and members of our community who are considering changes to their diet to help combat the effects of global warming and who knows, maybe countries who are affected by flooding will look to the children’s ‘Floating Fields’ for inspiration. ( SDG 2 End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture)

Terraforming Mars

At STEAM 2016 Planet Under Pressure, Year 5 shared their learning about Space and the possibility of future human voyages to Mars for the purpose of living there (SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 9 Innovation and Infrastructure).

The children strived to answer the question ‘How can we colonise a planet sustainably?’ Along their exploration, they researched Mars, discovered the problems of living on the red planet and worked together to create solutions. They travelled 10 years into the future and created a TV news report about the successful colonisation of Mars,  produced their own animation to show how Mars may look in 20 years and terraformed a virtual Mars on Minecraft!


Torriano Food Waste Cafe!



We are proud to share that as part of our annual STEAM exhibition, Torriano’s Sustainability Task Force opened a very successful Food Waste Cafe!

Learning about the Sustainable Development Goals is an integral part of growing into an informed, active and responsible citizen here at Torriano, but deciding to put these principles into action within our own community was the next step for us. Through collecting unused and nutritious ingredients from friends, families, the school kitchens and shops in our community, the children at Torriano made a very valid point about the importance of SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption.

One Year 5 child put best – “If we can run a cafe for our whole school by cooking with all the food that would have been thrown away, then imagine what we could do with all the food thrown away in London! Or the world!” We can’t help but wonder if the success of our delicious cafe, selling bruschetta, soups and cricket muffins, hints at the need for a more regular spot at the Torriano Earth Kitchen….

For now, re-use and re-cycle!

School Council- years 1 to 6

Today was the first meeting of the whole school council. Children from years 1 and 2 were very excited to join in at a very busy meeting. We discussed the children’s work plan, the playground facilities, joint assemblies and the Speakers School Council Awards. It was a VERY busy meeting!

School Council Visit to the Houses of Parliament

Our School Councillors had a very exciting trip to the Houses of Parliament this week to learn about democracy and the formation of our Government. We walked in the steps of queens, visited the robing room and marvelled at the incredible art work decorating the many rooms. Bills being discussed yesterday were online safety for children and equality for all, both very important SDG targets. The highlights of the day were when one of our councillors delivered a bill to the House of Lords and standing under Big Ben as it struck 12 o clock. Our councillors were very impressed and we definitely have some future leaders in our midst.

Careers Week Is Here

We are excitedly waiting on our first visitors as part of our annual Careers Week.  We have over 20 visitors coming in including the very popular police horses and dogs.  Careers Week gives all of the children excellent opportunities to explore the world of work. Our Careers Kids will be very busy this week showing our visitors around and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

RRS Councillors

Following a close run election the new school councillors had their first meeting and official task this week.  They met with parent governor Lucy Peltier who congratulated them on becoming class representatives. They were then given the very important task of counting the votes for the school governor elections.  A very exciting day!

The World’s Largest Lesson/Video.

On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders committed to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 17 goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change.
On the same day, Torriano pupils joined pupils from all over the world in lessons learning about these goals. It was called the World’s Largest Lesson.
In celebration of this commitment, we made this video which highlights some of these global goals.

Torriano pupils will definitely become part of the generation that changes the world.

SDG Taskforce

As part of the Worlds Largest Lesson we have been learning about the Global Goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An SDG task force has been set up and consists of children from year 5 and 6. Their first task was to help parents and carers complete a questionnaire all about the SDGs. This questionnaire will help us to see what adults know about the SDGs! The last time we conducted a questionnaire like this was to collect information on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and it was very successful. Look out for children in the playground, they want to ask you about the SDGs! #telleveryone

Writing a Manifesto

As outgoing school councillors we have learnt a lot over the last year, including how to write a good manifesto. Watch our film for some top tips on writing a successful manifesto.

Don’t forget to bring your manifesto to school on Monday morning as you will need to read it to your classmates on Monday afternoon.

Good luck in the elections on Wednesday!


It’s that time of the year again – Rights Respecting Council elections.
Next week, every child in the school will vote for Rights Respecting Councillors to represent their class. Potential councillors will write their manifestos, present them to the electorate and stand for this year’s office.
Successful candidates are selected by their classmates in a secret ballot. They are in office for a year and attend weekly meetings. They consult with their classmates about issues from the school community to global campaigns. Their contributions play an important role in school improvement at Torriano and primary schools in London and beyond.
Get your manifesto in by Monday 21st September 2015. Elections take place on Wednesday 23rd September.

King John seals Magna Carta

Last week the notorious King John himself was rampaging through the school. The children worked tirelessly to challenge his laws and unacceptable demands. As part of the Law, Liberty, Legacy project, the children were faced with the task of helping the barons to make King John place his seal on the Torriano Magna Carta they had    prepared. After a perplexing day of negotiating and justifying their charter, finally the king surrendered and sealed the eminent document.



Camila Batmanghelidjh – RRS Council update

Yesterday Camila Batmanghelidjh came into school and told us about her work for Kids Company. She explained how many children are not safe in their homes and communities. Kids Company run several centres around England; have 650 staff (coincidently one for each MP in parliament) and 10,000 volunteers.
Children living in poverty, without clothes and food, do not have basic rights such as to be safe, educated or healthy. What shocked us most is that poverty is on our doorstep – not hundreds of miles away!
Camilla does receive help from politicians but would like more support from government to support and fund Kids Company projects.
A wonderful thing is that they are open on Christmas day and give gifts to all the children who come to the centre!
Camila gave a really inspiring talk about the work she does and also some background about why she did it; when she was young she came from a rich family and had bodyguards. It was when she was 9 and looking out of the car that she noticed there were children selling matches on the road with no bodyguards. As an adult the reason she has done this is because she has always loved children and there are many children who don’t have the love and protection that they should.
Inspired by Camila and Kids Company the school council has made a plan of action which consists of the following:
• In the long term we will write to MPs and inform them about Kids Company
• In the short term we will donate towels to Kids Company as they are short of them.
The RRS Council

The Torriano Mock Election- The Results

The Torriano Mock Election

Last week the school went to the polls, here are some key facts from the day:

  •  Election day was Thursday 7th May
  • Leadership debate took place at 9.15am on Thursday 7th May
  • Campaigning took place in the playground
  • Many undecided voters
  • Polling opened at 1.15pm and closed at 3.00pm
  • Long queues outside the polling station
  • 100% voter turnout
  • 93% of those eligible to vote registered
  • Results were counted and verified by polling staff
  • Results were announced on Friday 8th May
  • The winners were The Community Party with a majority of 91 votes
  • The leader of the The Community Party addressed voters, thanking them for their support
  • The leader hopes to sit down for talks with Ms Bruckdorfer over manifesto promises in the coming weeks

Election Communication from the Change Party

Dear Voters,

We are the Change Party.

If you vote for us:

  • We will make sure that you can vote for your own school dinner.
  • We will make sure that we will have more things like Day for Change and Takeover Day.
  • We will cheapen fares for public transport.
  • We will build more parks.

Please ask questions below.

– The Change Party

Vote May 7th- The Torriano (mock) Election



This week the children have been getting geared up to begin their capaigning for the Torriano (mock) Election!

There will be four parties battling for the children’s votes:

Change Party
Tomorrow Party
Community Party
Ideas Party

Each party will have a campaign team of ten who will choose one leader. These parties will then have 10 days to prepare for May the 7th, campaigning will include their own party political broadcast and leaders debate!

We will also be recruiting a team of organised officials for the polling station on May 7th.

1 Returning officer
8 Counters
4 Polling officers
4 Station Managers

If you would be interested in being a part of this admin team, please let your class teacher know.

We hope to have a full voter turn out on May 7th, don’t forget your polling card!




Careers Week Ambassadors

On Monday, eight children from Year 5 were given a very important responsibility; they were Torriano Careers Week ambassadors at the Camden Primary Careers Conference. The children took part in exciting and inspiring workshops including recording podcasts, rapping Shakespeare’s sonnets and learning live saving resuscitation skills. They were also given an inside look into life in a hospital and were overwhelmed by the amount of people who all work together to keep us healthy. It was a fantastic day out and gave the children a lot of food for thought which they are planning to share at next year’s Torriano Careers Week.

Fantastic footballers!

In aid of UNICEF’s Day for Change 2015 Year 3 held a Fantastic Football event. Parents and carers came along to get stuck and give their support to the school’s and UNICEF’s cause. The children had the chance to dazzle with their penalty taking, amaze with their passing, dumbfound with their heading and to stagger with their crossbar. . .hitting.

A massive thank you to all the adults who managed to come along, you really made the difference!

School Councils Unite

Netley school councillors paid us a visit on Friday to share ideas about Day for Change and  behaviour systems.  We started our meeting with a tour of the school and then got to work.   The two councils worked brilliantly as a team and we have come up with some excellent ideas together.  The councils have now decided to meet once every half term to share ideas.


This week in the School Council

We finally got our application sent off for the Speaker’s School Council Awards this week and then spent the rest of our meeting making a welcome film for the school website.  We had a lot of fun because Mrs O’Brien said that we had to come up with ideas ourselves.  We had to do a few takes to record our ideas and our technical film experts on the council are now editing the results.  Expect to see our film on the website very soon.

We will keep you all up to date with what we are doing here every week so remember to check in regularly.  We would also like you to comment on our Day for Change post as we need your ideas.


Your School Council needs your opinions

Your Councillors have been very busy over the past couple of weeks.  We have just made a film to introduce ourselves to everyone and we are now planning our annual Day for Change event.  Last year the whole school raised a record amount of money so this year we want to do even better.

We want to know your opinions about Day for Change. What event would your class like to run to raise money? How do you think we should fundraise? A sponsored run, read,silence?  Would you like to have an Art show again this year?

Let us us know below using your school email address.  Remember, your opinions matter to us.

E-safety meeting for parents.

9:30am on the 11th February 2015

At Torriano we are using technology more and more each day both in school and at home. We feel it is important to ensure that our children are safe when using today’s technology and that they understand how to stay safe in the future. E-safety is taught in specific lessons as part of the computing curriculum and discussion forums are held on the school website inspired by videos such as this video on social networking.
Feel free to add a comment about the video below.

Dos and Don’ts when using social networks by sociograph

Keeping up to date on the ever-changing digital world can be a struggle and it is really important that parents and carers work with us to ensure children stay safe in their use of technology.
When we talk about e-safety we are not just talking about the Internet we are talking about the use of computers, games consoles (such as Xbox), mobile phones, televisions, tablets (such as the iPad) and many other things.

For this reason we are holding an e-safety morning starting at 9.30am on the 11th February 2015 where there will be a presentation and discussion with Mary Rebelo, Camden e-safety guru and Justin Bioletti, Torriano Junior School Digital Leader. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about any concerns or worries that you might have.

If you have any worries or concerns about e-safety, please contact Mr Bioletti.

Take Over Day – The Right to be Heard

What a fantastic day!

Children have chosen the curriculum and are even teaching lessons.  Miss Bruckdorfer, Mrs Fagan and Miss Rae have been busy in meetings with their student shadows and our morning assembly was a riot of fun as children swapped places with adults.

This has been particularly important this year as the UNCRC celebrated the 25th anniversary of  the day it was signed.

Take Over Day is an opportunity for children to join with others across the country in celebrating children’s rights.

Check out our gallery to see some of the lessons.

Torriano’s Cultural Charter

At Torriano we realise how fortunate we are to take part in many intresting activities. We get the chance to visit many wonderful places, both home and abroad, and we get to work with experts in many different fields.

In recognition of all the amazing opportunities we are given we decided to take part in the Southbank’s WHY? Festival.

This is our cultural charter, a video where we try to telll you about all the brilliant opportunities we get to participate in a wide range of artisitic and cultural activities.


Rights Respecting Councillors 2014-15

The children have spoken and our new Rights Respecting Councillors are now in place.

Well done to everyone for taking part; whether that was through writing a manifesto or using your democratic rights to vote.

Congratulations to our Rights Respecting Council. We have a fantastic group of children and we cannot wait to see how our school develops further through the voices of the Torriano pupils.

Rights Respecting Council Elections

Today was an exciting day in the world of voting. Not just the Scottish referendum but the Torriano Rights Respecting Council elections.

Children who decided to run for council read their manifesto to their class over this week. Each child explained why they would be the best person for the job and there were some very persuasive techniques.

All of the children voted for one boy and one girl from their class to represent them.  The voting was taken very seriously and everyone recognised they were exercising their right to be heard.

The votes are being counted and verified through the night and will be announced in assembly tomorrow morning.

We will put the results on the website tomorrow – so watch this space!



Election Fever

Today year 3 voted to decide who should be their class representatives on the Rights Respecting School Council. It was a serious task but they handled it maturely, taking their time and thinking carefully about their decision.

A new member of the school community!

You may have noticed that we have a new member of our school community in the foyer! Steve, as all you Mine-Crafters out there will know, formed part of our schools Annual Self Evaluation Day.

To begin with, the staff looked back at the progress the school had made over the last three years. Our achievements were presented in the form of a comic book, the staff were then set the challenge to add in a ‘missing panel’ to show how they saw one of the following aspects of school life; RRS, community engagement, the school environment, continued professional development, teaching and achievement and learning and the curriculum. As always, our creative staff came up with some fantastic contributions that can be seen in the foyer.

Then we looked to the future and thought about the priorities that will shape the schools direction in 2015 and beyond. The highlight of the day came when the teachers had the opportunity to explore a virtual Torriano Junior School in Mine Craft. This world was created by our very own expert coders. They wowed us with their amazing self-led learning and team work. Staff were split into teams to navigate the Mine-Craft school and find posters relating to our future priorities. Once we found these in the school we used QR codes to watch a video or read an article on the priorities. We then had to think about who this affected; staff, children or the community.

We had a fantastic day celebrating our achievements, identifying areas for improvement and looking to the future!

Game On!

A game has begun at Torriano, a hunt for the UNCRC articles.  Every class is trying to complete their pack of Rights Respecting Playing Cards.  If you see one, snap it up.

Once the pack is complete, there will be more games to follow so watch this space!

Day For Change

UNICEF Day for Change was a true Torriano extravaganza.  Instead of a day, we took a week to raise awareness and raise money for Day for Change, which this year was about education for all.

57 million children around the world do not have access to primary education.  We want this to change.  We wanted to make our mark.

Across the week, each year group put on an event to invite their parents to.  Year 6 ran a very challenging quiz.  Year 5 put on a afternoon of sporting endeavour.  Year 4 held a talent show, full of wonderful acts.  Year 3 treated their families to an afternoon tea party.  At each event, the school council put on a presentation about education around the world.  Parents gave generously.

On the day, every child in the school took part in three sponsored events – a mini-marathon, a read-a-thon and a maths challenge.  Everyone had huge amounts of fun and raised money for the cause.  We ended the day with our Day for Change art exhibition – well done all who entered and especially our four winning works of art.  This video documents our day.

Finally, just when we thought we could do no more, a week later we had a bake-sale and karaoke!

Watch the video in full to find out how much we’ve raised so far!

Chari-tea party

It was sandwiches a go go upstairs at Torriano yesterday as year 3 held a tea party to raise money for Day for Change. Our ultimate goal is to raise money to provide an emergency school for children who are unable to attend school because of war, extreme weather or poverty. Year 3 RRS councillors presented our aims to parents and children before the scones came out!

A Sporting Change

To raise money for UNICEF Day for Change, year 5 spent the afternoon inventing new games that could be used in Sports Day. Some children in the world do not have the opportunity to attend P.E lessons. We want to raise money to build an Emergency school for some of the children who are living in poverty, extreme weather and war zones. The year 5 RRS councillors presented our aims to the parents, who then joined in!

Let’s get quiz-ical

Year 6 held a curriculum quiz this afternoon in the bottom hall to raise money for Day for Change. The competition was hot as parents shook off the cobwebs and pitted their wits against each other. Our ultimate goal is to raise money to provide an emergency school for children who are unable to attend school because of war, extreme weather or poverty. Year 6 RRS councillors presented our aims to parents and children before the results were announced. And the winners were…everybody!

Opportunity Rocks

Year 4 hosted a talent show to raise money for UNICEF Day for Change and we couldn’t believe how amazing all of the acts were! We had marvellous magic, wonderful singing, percussion and dancing from our two classes. Just as amazing was the turn out from the parents as we were packed to the rafters with support for our acts. Thanks to all who took part and helped us raise a brilliant amount for Day for Change.

Day for Change Writing

On Monday 3rd February, things changed at Torriano.  Children arrived to find their classrooms taped off.  Everyone was called to the hall for an important assembly.

Watch the film to find out what happened next.

Following this experience, children wrote about their thoughts and feelings on the events.


Friday 7th February is UNICEF Day for Change when we will be raising awareness and raising money for the 57 million children who do not have access to primary education.


Music performed by the whole school.

Mini Health Champions Building a Healthy School

Our Mini Health Champions are having a huge impact on life at Torriano. They are spreading the word about healthy lifestyles to everyone and ensuring that every child knows what a balanced diet is.

Since January Torriano has been a Water Only school and our packed lunches are now probably the best in Camden.

Well done everybody!

Takeover Day

Who was that at the head of school’s desk? Why was Mr Loughney wearing a blazer? What were the children doing with all those ingredients?

Today was the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day. We had our own takeover at Torriano.

The first thing we did was dress up. Children came dressed as teachers. Teachers came dressed as children.

Throughout the morning, pupils from all over the school, shadowed adults in their roles. Some worked with the chef. Others in the office. We had shadows everywhere.

Then, in the afternoon, every child took part in activities planned and run by their peers. We cooked. We played sports. We drew manga style pictures, painted with our hands and made stop frame animation. What skills the children at Torriano have!

Read about everything that happened on our Takeover Day Blog, all created by the Takeover Day Media Team, five pupils from across the school.

Takeover Day 2013

When is Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day?
Friday 22nd November 2013.

What is Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day?
The day gives children and young people the chance to work with adults for the day and be involved in decision­making. Children benefit from the opportunity to experience the world of work and make their voices heard.

What will be happening this year for Takeover Day?
This year takeover day will have three parts.
1. Children can come dressed as teachers. Teachers can come dressed as children.
2. In the morning, children will have the opportunity to job shadow adults in the school in lots of different roles. Children will need to apply for these roles. Application forms will be available by the end of the day.
3. In the afternoon, children will teach a range of different activities across the school. Children will need to apply to teach an activity by submitting a plan. Planning sheets will be available by the end of the day.

Exterminate Poverty

October 17th was the International day for the Eradication of Poverty. To raise awareness of poverty, the RRS council invited the school to an exhibition about poverty around the world.

The exhibition was entitled – EXTERMINATE POVERTY – It’s Time!

The RRS council had gathered statistics about poverty around the World. Each stat, they chose to represent in the form of Daleks. One Dalek took the place of each 100 people.

Watch this video to see what happened.

Careers’ Week

What an excellent start to careers’ week at Torriano.  We had the launch of the Torriano Broadcasting Company which has children across the school producing newspapers, radio broadcasts, films and blogs.  We also had lots of parents sharing their expertise and talking about their career pathways.  A fantastic start to our week.

MDG – The Finished Project

Last year, the whole school participated in a project about the Millennium Development Goals. Every year group took part in a range of activities that focussed on one MDG. This project brought us closer together whilst helping us understand our place within the world.
You can find out all about the project by watching this film that the Taskforce made.

Pause and Think Online

From your head down to your toes, pause, think about it.
From your feet up to your nose, pause, and think online.

The assembly hall at Torriano was rocking yesterday as we discussed the online decisions that we need to make if we want to take advantage of the powerful technology that fills our lives.

We all agreed that to become a good digital citizen we need to:
PROTECT PRIVATE INFORMATION for ourselves and others.
RESPECT OURSELVES AND OTHERS in online communities.
STAY SAFE ONLINE by listening to our gut feelings.
STAND UP TO CYBERBULLYING if we see it online.
BALANCE THE TIME we spend using media and other activities.

We will be following on from this assembly in the classroom with a number of lessons where we will be discussing digital citizenship in more detail and introducing a whole school internal email.

In the meantime, learn the dance as we will be making a DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP video soon!

There will be a parent digital citizenship coffee morning soon.
Watch this space.

RRS Election Results

Nominees have stood. Ballots have been cast. The results are in.

Assembly on Monday 23rd September had been long anticipated. However, before this year’s council could be unveiled, a quiz took place. For every question, children needed to estimate which was greater from two options.

Votes in our election or countries in the world?
237 votes
206 countries in the world

Candidates in our election or weeks in the year?
61 candidates (That’s 1/4 of the school!)
52 weeks

Girl candidates or boy candidates?
31 Girls
30 Boys

After a raft of questions, the time had come. The councillors for the 2013-14 RRS Council are:

3AW – Isaiah and Luce
3VB – Sol and Charlotte
4FS – Matthew and Hannah
4RO – Bella, Finn and Arlo (Who tied!)
5CL – Lulu and Jonty
5EM – Milo and Yuki
6CT – Adnan, Nora and Tess
6ES – Omar, Megan, Mirage and William

RRS Elections

On Friday 20th September, Torriano’s Rights Respecting Council Elections took place. Manifestos had been presented. Contests had been fought. It was time to place our votes.

With the help of two outstanding scrutineers from year 5, every class came to the polling station set up in 6ES’ classroom. There they were presented with an iPad and a QR code to scan. The code took each child to the online poll for them to cast their ballots.

On Monday, the results will be presented and our RRS Council will be unveiled.

RRS Council Elections

This week, every child in the school will vote for Rights Respecting Councillors to represent their class. Potential councillors will write their manifestos, present them to the electorate and stand for this year’s office. To explain the whole process, the outstanding, out-going councillors made this short film.

Communicating To Change The World

In assembly we thought about this term’s theme ‘Communicating to Change the World’ and our key objectives for the year:

1. Communicating through writing.

2. Using technology to help self-organise our learning.

We were introduced to one of our ‘Communication Champions’, Pakistani schoolgirl and winner of the Children’s Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai. She was attacked after championing the rights for girls’ education in Pakistan. Malala wants all children to have the opportunity to attend school as there are currently 57 million children, across the globe, without access to education.

We watched some of Malala’s speech to the United Nations on the 12th July and discussed the task of writing Malala a letter to tell her about what happens in our school.

You can find out more about this task in the Home Learning section of each year group page. Use the QR codes in the foyer to find out about our other ‘Communication Champions’.

RRS – What does it mean?

On the first day back at school after a long summer break, everyone met their new teacher and explored their new classroom. The new things did not stop there: we celebrated new, beautifully sanded floors; a new projector and screen downstairs, giving us a new place to hold assembly; and the amazing new 3G pitch.

We were also greeted by glorious sunshine. As the children enjoyed the weather, we asked them a simple question – What does it mean to be a Rights Respecting School?

Every Child Needs A Teacher!

We know at Torriano how important it is to attend school. But we also know that there are over 60,000,000 primary school children in the world today who do not have that opportunity. Millennium Development Goal 2 was that there would be universal primary education by 2015.

This year’s Send My Friend campaign was about the need for 1.7 million more teachers to be able to make this happen. The children created life size teacher cut outs in each class, noting on them the characteristics of their ideal teacher. They made individual ones too, which were handed over at an assembly on Tuesday to our M.P. Frank Dobson. Mr Dobson will take them to David Cameron ahead of next week’s G8 summit.

He complimented the children on their campaigning efforts on behalf of children who do not have the right to an education or to be heard.

Millennium Development Goals Task Force

Millennium Development Goals

UNICEF Consultation

Making life better for people around the world

Five Year 5 pupils visited St Mary and St Pancras School to share their views on the world they want after 2015; the date the current MDGs elapse.

We hope you enjoy watching the video, which UNICEF made from film shot on the day.  As one pupils says at the end of the video, “Ask us what we want in the future”.

These five children have now formed a Task Force to raise awareness about the MDGs.  They will work alongside UNICEF staff in the last half term to create resources for other schools to use.

To do this they will need help from the Torriano community.  The first step is to recruit enthusiastic children (one per class) to join them in steering the project.

For more information on how to apply, speak to the Year 5 task force.

The Right To An Education Starts Here!

In assembly today we thought about our right to an education. We remembered the important ‘Send My Friend To School’ campaign and thought about the activities we have taken part in over the last few years to improve access to education for all. This year the focus is ‘Every Child Needs A Teacher’. The Rights Respecting Councillors will be telling us more about how we can help next week.
We also thought about how lucky we are to have our school and how we need to come to school everyday! Watch the video to find out how we are going to improve attendance and help our learning.

The Children’s Commissioner for England visits Torriano

Dr. Maggie Atkinson’s visit began with a tour of the school. She was shown around classrooms by our very own Year 5 Millennium Development Goal experts. After the tour she asked them to promise her, and themselves, that they would remember what they had learned at Torriano about children’s rights when they moved to secondary school.

One of her priorities is to promote children’s rights in the community so she was impressed to note our displays demonstrating that the UNCRC is ‘visible everywhere’.

Dr. Atkinson joined our weekly RRS Council session, asking questions about the election process and their organisation of meetings. She told them she never sits at the head of a table and no one is the ‘boss’ in her meetings.
On the agenda for their meeting was their visit to Manchester, playground signage project feedback from classes and the RRS section on the about to be launched school website.

The meeting ended with her saying how much she had enjoyed spending time at Torriano and she would be writing to them to say so.
It was a wonderful half hour; the Councillors were so knowledgeable about children’s rights she was most impressed! She has even blogged about our school!

“Which brings me to the visit I made to Torriano Junior School in Kentish Town. Part of the London Borough of Camden, this is a Level 2 Rights Respecting School in the UNICEF scheme. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is at the very core of everything this school does, from classroom to playground and back again.  The young guides who took me round knew it in depth and breadth, the staff and governors were completely committed to it, and could tell me with confidence what it meant for them every day.  A fitting note on which to close!”



Torriano on Tour

The senior staff of three Manchester primary schools working towards Level 1 of the Rights Respecting Scheme, visited us last October to get ideas and inspiration on how to develop their RRS work.
In November, as a thank you and to develop our link further, they invited the whole RRS Council on an overnight stay to visit one of the schools, The Willows, meet all three Councils and present to the combined staff of the three schools at their INSET day venue.

The children presented their account of our recent Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day at Torriano as a prelude to the staff beginning to plan to celebrate the next Takeover day themselves.

‘Your RR team were so confident and their enthusiasm for, and commitment to the scheme really came across’

The schools want us to continue to keep in touch and inspire each other by sharing our projects and ideas for, in UNICEF’s words;

‘all children, all rights’.

Millennium Development Goals UNICEF Consults

The Millennium Development Goals 2015 deadline is getting closer.
People are asking ‘what happens next? What will be the plan for development after 2015?

UNICEF asked to consult five of our Year 5 children. We met with ten Year 5 pupils from Emmanuel and St Mary and St Pancras schools. After some ice breaker activities we got down to discussing what next? We made ideas collages in mixed groups and presented them to each other. UNICEF interviewed and filmed us discussing what kind of world we wanted from 2015.

Decisions made about the post-2015 goals will affect the world that you live in now and in the future. We look forward to taking part in a follow up project in the summer term with Rosalind, UNICEF’s International Research and Policy Advisor.

Lunch is a Lifeline…

Torriano turned out in many shades of orange, red, blue, purple and green on UNICEF Day For Change 2013! Vegetables and fruit were roaming everywhere; often mistaken for children and staff. A tremendous effort was made by all. The Torriano Junior Masterchef revealed that there are some very talented, budding cooks in our school. Not only did chef find their special dishes mouthwatering, he was also very impressed by the films the contestants made with their families. The winning entry, ‘Avocado Ice lollies’ , was awarded for originality.  This enjoyable event raised over £100 for the ‘Lunch is a Lifeline’ campaign in Kenya.

St Mungo’s Say Thank You

Sian Hughes from St Mungo’s paid a visit to our assembly today to say thank you for the funds we raised at Christmas on their behalf.  Councillors rattled the collection buckets at the Year 3 Nativity concert and at the Christmas Concert. We raised £210.03 which will be used to help the rough sleepers who depend on them.