School Ethos


This page gives a flavour of the exciting whole school projects that take place at Torriano. Specialists from areas including the Arts and Sciences help our children to understand the world in which they live in a fun and engaging way.

STEAM Road Reccy

Year 5 took to the local streets to measure up their suitability for cyclists and pedestrians. We took accurate measurements of the sizes of the pavements and roads and began to consider how we could improve them. Ideas so far include: additional skips for plants, new bike parking and conversation benches. Come along to our STEAM exhibition on the 13th February to find out more!

STEAM Engineering with Arup

Year 6 loved working with the Engineering company Arup designing and building SMART Engino greenhouses. We had to audit greenhouse parts, source them from the supplier and allocate roles before the construction could start. Resilience and a meticulous eye for detail were key to a successful project.

Year 6 STEAM Engineers

Last week, with the amazing help of Arup engineers, Year 6 took on the role of engineers and analysed the structural principles of smart greenhouses. Equipped with this knowledge they started designing their own smart greenhouses. We have found that being precise, considering dimensions and having knowledge of forces is essential in making sure our greenhouses have a solid structure.

Before the Fire. . .

Year 2 designed their own pre-Great fire houses using strips of black card. We discussed what different materials were used in these old houses, how they contributed to the fire spreading so quickly and what changed as a result of the fire. Next week we will find out about a certain Christopher Wren’s role in the shaping of the London we know today.

Great Fire Walk

FIRE! FIRE! Yesterday year 2 went for a walk back in time to 1666. With two blue badge guides’ help, the children took in the sites of the Great Fire of London, discovered how Thomas Farriner’s lapse cost over 13,000 homes and marveled at St Paul’s Cathedral. It was the perfect way to bring our project to life, getting a sense of the scale of the devastation that occurred all those years ago. Thanks to the parents that managed to come along with us.

Year 3 and 6 STEAM: The Future is…Light

A highlight of Autumn 18 was undoubtedly the Year 3 and 6 STEAM exhibition ‘The Future is…Light’. Both year groups did not fail to amaze in their understanding of the scientific concepts of light but also in their insights about how the unsustainable use of artificial lighting impacts our beautiful environment.


Through learning about the history of lighting, Year 6 learnt about ancient, current and new sources of light. Our future will only become more sustainable with smart lighting and a more sustainable consumption of lighting. Equipped with this knowledge, the children designed and created their own sustainable light product prototypes- some of them operated by sensor lighting and others run by renewable energy sources. Using micro:bit coding we explored how these products could be programmed. In English, with SDG 12 and 13 at the forefront of our minds, we wrote persuasive proposals to persuade our community to invest in smart lighting and/or change their light consumption habits. In Science, our study of reflection and refraction culminated in a dazzling 3D sculpture inspired by the incredible artist Olafur Eliasson. The makings of this 3D sculpture involved learning about one and two point perspective- a key skill for engineers and architects.


The STEAM exhibition enabled the children to explain and discuss their discoveries, new knowledge and opinions with visitors of all ages helping them become confident speakers and active contributors -​ “I’m not nervous about speaking in front of lots of people now — talking about our light poetry during the exhibition made me realize it’s quite fun!” (Jake, year 3). The Autumn STEAM term started with the children working with photographers as part of the Tate Britain — London Identity Photography Installation with Steve McQueen. After investigating what light is and how it travels, they explored how light has been used in the past, present and future. Entering, making and then instructing others on how to create working Pin Hole Cameras; writing light poetry; investigating gender stereotypes through self portraits and coding light sensitive robots were only a few of the engineering, artistic, technical and scientific projects that year 3 worked on. This all culminated in the year group designing and ‘imagineering’ their own designs for the future: how robotic light sensors and sustainable lighting can be used to help our local communities.

We look forward to the upcoming Spring STEAM exhibition which will be ‘The Future is…Food’ by Year 2 and 4.

Year 2 Remembers

Year 2 have been captivated by our World War One global learning theme. We found the INSPIRE meeting at Friends House in Euston an incredible event to be part of and gave everyone involved a great sense of belonging and purpose to past and present issues. Flo of the Somme has been a wonderful text to look at and has brought some wonderful description and poetry out during English lessons, we look forward to sharing this with you soon.

Book Nook Takes Light

Year 2 worked on their Great Fire book nook this afternoon. We had a lot of fun painting our flames and banner. The tidy up however. . .

Use Less Plastic!

Year 1 delivered their call to action Use Less Plastic in loud, clear voices at our STEAM exhibition. Putting together everything we have learnt about the environment, the #OneLess campaign and all the work we had done on rhythms and beats we created our own protest song. The songs are entirely our own work. We even made the instruments you hear on the track, considering carefully the properties of the materials we used. The percussion, the words and the voices all come from Year 1. We are very proud to be changemakers!

Ocean Symphony. . .in progress

Year 2’s Ocean Symphony project is rapidly taking shape. Our call to action on raising awareness of noise pollution in the sea is gathering pace, the children are packed full of information on life underwater, the damage noise pollution causes and how to solve the problems. We cannot wait to exhibit our STEAM work this Friday.

High Street Extravaganza!

Year 1 opened their Torriano High Street to families and friends, showing off an enormous range of skills. The children used their linguistic and physical oracy strands to sell their goods to customers. They all spoke clearly and with confidence. Each shop was signposted with a shop front created on the Paper 53 app, as inspired by our work with The Secret Artist.

Everything the children sold had been made in class. The Fruit Shops had fruit kebabs, and the Bakerys had cookies and muffins, all created in the Earth Kitchen. No sugar was added to the baking, linking to our Right to be Healthy. The Flower Stalls had paper flowers and the Art Shops a range of water colours. The China Shops were adorned with clay pots, while the Jewellery Stalls were filled with colourful necklaces. The Toy Shops demonstrated the importance of a Right to a Childhood with sock puppets which had been sewn by the children.

Thank you to all who came, and to our KS2 children who supported Year 1.

Torriano Foundlings

Year 2 were transported back to the early 19th Century to spend the day as a Foundling child. After being rounded up off of the street and their parents sent away with token in hands, the children were then cleansed of all things, including their former identity and given a fresh start under the Torriano Foundling Hospital’s care.

The children experienced life as a Foundling by receiving a traditional education of strict dictation, learning the national anthem, reciting times tables and carrying out their chores- including the laundry and sweeping. They were put through their paces in a demanding drill class, taught the skill of sewing and were rewarded with a jolly good game of Ring-a-ring-o’-roses.

#OneLess Project – Discussion Panel

I think we can all say that the subject knowledge the children showed today during the discussion panel was impressive. They showed a fantastic understanding of the effect plastic has on our planet and shared some exciting alternatives to single use plastic bottles. We want to say a big well done to all the children for their dedication to the #OneLess campaign. We’d also like to say a big thank you to Jenny Griffiths, our expert panelist, from the Marine Conservation Society.

We hope that our message is heard loud and clear. Go #OneLess today and help reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans.

Year 2’s Spark Blogs

As a result of our Careers Week talk from Lucy Peltier, Year 2 decided to write blogs of their own. The children chose the topic they most wanted to write about. They talked about the subject, wrote down ideas on it and presented them to their friends. Armed with the ideas they then got to grips with the new Adobe Spark Page app and wrote their blogs.

The best way I could think of sharing them was by posting the link to all of them. Enjoy browsing through what they’ve managed to come up with. It’s all their own work!

Talking Loud; Saying Something.

What a Careers Week! Year 1 have met so many exciting visitors. We have thought about how police officers, a speech and language therapist, a midwife, a musician, an actress and market traders use their voices in their jobs. We have learnt how to project our voices in different ways. We have done lots of acting out different careers and thoroughly enjoyed our right to an education.

Talking About Talk

Year 2 took on the role of different careers in order to talk in different ways. We looked at using commands, questions, statements and exclamations! Watch the video to find out more.

Everybody’s Talking About Careers Week

It’s been a busy start to the week as our very capable Career Kids welcomed numerous visitors to the school.  In year three we’ve been trying to find out how important it is to use your voice to persuade and how resilient we need to be in our current chutney enterprise.  Prepare to be persuaded!

Careering from police to blogging.

It’s been a fast paced start to Careers Week in Year 2. So far, the children have held discussion on what a career is and thought about what it is they would like to be in the future, looking at ensuring the SDG’s 5 and 10 are upheld with gender equality and equal opportunities in the workplace. We have also been lucky enough to have Lucy Peltier in the share her career in the blogging and poetry book world. To top all that off, we had PC Abs and PC Tracey in on Tuesday morning to explain to the children how they use talk in their jobs as well as sharing all of their cool equipment with the children!

World’s Largest Lesson – Sustainable food

At the end of WLL, Year 6 created their own sustainable dish criteria. Based on this, we went to our local supermarket; bought some seasonal produce with minimal plastic packaging and cooked up a storm in the Earth Kitchen. In the classroom, we had some messy fun making some potato gnocchi(british potatoes, of course) and in the Earth Kitchen we cooked it with some fresh asparagus and peas. The dish was delicious and disappeared within seconds.If you are interested in making this at home, I’m sure the Year 6’s will be happy to share the recipe.

Sparking interest in the Great Fire!

Year 2 went on a marvelous trip to the Museum of London to ignite their topic on the Great Fire of London. Each class spent time inside the museum looking at the Great Fire exhibit as well as touring the streets of London with an expert guide telling us the story and pointing out key sites of the fire. It was a fun and insightful trip for the children, helping to deepen their understanding and knowledge on our new topic. A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who came along, you really helped make the day!

Debating food waste for World’s Largest Lesson

In Year 6 we have been looking at how much food households and supermarkets waste every year. Our starting point was to compare figures on how much food supermarkets order and how much food ends up being wasted. After finding out about the damaging environmental effects of wasting food and the alarming levels of child hunger in the UK, we then debated whether or not supermarkets should be held accountable for wasted produce. We feel very passionate that they do, so we are drafting a persuasive email to a chosen supermarket highlighting the importance of donating more food waste to local charities.

Performing poets!

Year 2 have embraced poetry this term. Dylan’s Dad came to visit us twice. First we worked with him to write poems from our imagination. Then we perfected them in English lessons. Then he returned to give us a master class in performing our poems to an audience.

Southbank Concert

To mark the end of Refugee Week, on Friday, 5B headed to the Royal Festival Hall for their Harmonise concert. Harmonise are a group of refugee musicians who work for Music Action International. This a charity that works with students from primary/secondary schools and refugee musicians on creating songs together.

“For the past month and a half a group of musicians from Harmonise have come in and talked to us about their personal experiences as refugees. As a class we’ve both learnt and created songs. Our main message is that music connects and war divides, meaning music has the power to bring people together but war has the power to divide them. One of the songs we sang is called ‘The Village’ and this was composed partly by me and partly by Ian Canal. I wanted to show people how helpful music can be. For example, if you’re travelling to a new place, you can take something from the old place to new place through music. This is what musicians like Jean Paul and Roshi have done with us on this project. ”

Lyra Sweeney, 5B

A Roaring Success!

On Friday Reception opened there very own ‘Dinosaur Museum’. The children had worked flat out on their work to ensure that the exhibits were ready for the visitors. It was a fantastic showing of the children’s work and enthusiasm for their dinosaur topic. We were lucky enough to have the ribbon cut by none other than our very own Miss Bruckdorfer and head of governors, Luca Salice! It was great to see so many parents with their children there for the opening, it helped make the event even more special.

STEAM:Genetically Modified Plants

Could genetic modification be used to change the world?  Could plants be modified to actually solve environmental problems?  We designed plants which could do just this.

STEAM: Maths Investigation

Will orangutangs become extinct by 2020?  This was the question posed by our teachers, we had to find evidence to prove or disprove this theory.  We organised our own learning and presented our findings to our classmates.  Sadly, the evidence supported the hypothesis.

STEAM: Part one of building Sustainable spaceships

Yesterday Year 5 got stuck in making their spaceships out of junk they brought from home or found in the local skip! Each spaceship has been designed and made to collect or completely eliminate space debris. At the STEAM exhibition you will see a range of tentacles, ‘robotic’ arms, harpoons and even disintegrators attached to our spaceships.

STEAM: Reaching for the Stars at the Royal Observatory

Yesterday Year 5 went to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. There we talked to astronomers who helped us further our knowledge about the planets, new solar system discoveries and experience what it would be like for an astronaut to be living in space. To top off the day, we attended the screening of ‘Final Frontier’ in the spectacular planetarium. Here we were taken on a visual journey of exoplanets and the strange new worlds that astronomers are discovering.

Have you heard about NASA’s most recent discovery of seven Earth sized planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1?

To find out more visit:

Eagle Heights visit

With STEAM fast approaching EYFS and Key Stage 1 were in for a treat today when some rather large birds came to visit. We loved meeting the barn owl who flew so silently. Also the enormous golden eagle wandered between us all and flew over our heads. It was very exciting!

Going to the Grant Museum!

As part of our learning for STEAM, Year 2 visited the weird and wonderful Grant Museum of Zoology on Wednesday. Here we saw a huge range of animals, from dodo bones, to an elephants skull, to the enormous Japanese crab. The children loved seeing the vast array of specimens and thinking about why they were suited to their particular habitats.  Look out for some of this learning in our upcoming STEAM exhibition!

Go Goals! Board Game Development for UNRIC

We are proud to announce that in January, Torriano answered a special request from UNRIC in Brussels. They asked our children to contribute to the development of an online board game about the Sustainable Development Goals. In acknowledgement of our support for this project we have been made a major partner of UNRIC France. (The page can be translated into English using Google translate)

A case study outlining our contribution to the development of this game can be found here.



School Council: Day for Change

Our school councillors met today to discuss fundraising ideas for our annual Day for Change. Once again the focus is on children in emergencies but this year we are particularly looking at how we can feed children nutritious food in these emergency situations.


Team London Ambassadors: Homelessness Project

The TLA have been busy over the last few weeks making connections with homeless charities and developing an action plan with our group partners (CSG and Netley).Our pitch earlier this year was successful so we have £850 to help us with our project.

We have recently made links with the DePaul charity and we will work with them over the next few months to distribute care packages to homeless young people in London.  As part of this event we will be collecting donations to put in the packs. Items most useful are:

Mints, hand sanitiser and reusable water bottles.

We will hold an assembly next week to share our progress with the rest of the school.


Team London Ambassadors: Pitch Success

Our Team London Ambassadors have just found out that their pitch at City Hall has been successful.  The judges were very impressed with their thoughtful presentations and ideas. Our group will now receive £850 towards our homelessness project. Well done everyone!

We will keep you updated with developments.

Takeover Day

We had a number of new teachers in class on Friday.  Who were they? What were those interesting lessons they were teaching? Who hired them?

It was Takeover Day of course, our annual day when children take charge of the curriculum.

Our school Councillors read the many job applications from children, appointed the roles and set up a teaching timetable.  Children then chose the lessons they would like to attend. We had Quidditch,  baking, art, ballet, football skills, story telling, science, maths, coding, German … the list goes on and on.   Children also shadowed adults in their roles throughout the day giving them a clear insight into careers within our school.

It was a wonderful day!

Pitching for Change

Children from our school are currently representing Camden in the Team London young leaders programme.  They have planned a programme of change for homeless people along with Netley primary and Camden School for Girls.  As part of the programme the children were invited to make a pitch for funding to experts at City Hall this week.

They presented their pitch in front of the panel with clarity, precision and excellent use of persuasive language.  Reminding the panel of our right to safety, the children asked the panel if they thought the homeless of Camden’s rights were being upheld.   Following their pitch, the children answered questions from the panel about their project and impressed them with their knowledge and commitment.

Well done, young leaders and good luck!

Ashoka 10th Anniversary Award Ceremony

Last Thursday, we were very proud to receive our Ashoka Changemaker School Award at the esteemed Royal Society of Arts. Thank you to the children for representing Torriano so well. They were informed and confident when sharing their ideas with the Ashoka Fellows and other guests about our projects, how we are committed to ‘changemaking’ and we strive to reimagine learning for the 21st Century. An unforgettable evening.

Year 2 Careers Week

Year 2 have had a great range of visitors for Careers Week. We have met a doctor from Great Ormond Street hospital, a town planner, an actress, a project manager for the Olympic special hats project, some firemen, a mental health social worker and the police. We asked them some fantastic questions and thought about how they communicated in their place of work. Keep a look out for our vlogs which will be our outcome from our Careers Week learning!

Global Learning

At Torriano, with the help of the World’s Largest Lesson and lots of other amazing resources we have been learning about the Sustainable Development Goals. We think it is important for children and future generations to understand the world around them and develop attitudes that will help change the world for the greater good. The British Council heard about the work that we have been doing and were so impressed that they asked us to help them put together some ideas for teaching about the SDGs. To read their article click this link:

Fourth Plinth Unveiled!

This morning, the Torriano Arts Ambassadors joined artists and sculptors in Trafalgar Square for the unveiling of the Fourth Plinth. After hearing a very enthusiastic speech from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, the children saw the dramatic unveiling of the new sculpture; a huge thumbs up, called ‘Doing Good’. The sculpture is a symbol of all the good in the world and a reminder that we can all do good things even in the face of adversity.

The children then visited the National Gallery where they took a closer look at paintings through the ages, sketching their favourite pieces as they went. We ended the day with a fantastic workshop hosted by the shop Tiger. The children were able to interpret and paint their own pictures of the Fourth Plinth and what ‘doing good’ means to them.

World’s Largest Lesson

As part of the World’s Largest Lesson we have been learning that everyone is special and unique. In Year 1, we have been sprinkling, mixing and blending to make a recipe for ourselves. We thought about our own personalities and mixed together different characteristics specific to ourselves.

World’s Largest Lesson

This week marks the second year of the World’s Largest Lesson and Torriano Primary School are keen to share what they have done so far this week. In assemblies and lessons we have been thinking about Gender Equality and what we can do to help achieve Global Goal #5. In KS1 we learnt that in some places around the world boys and girls do not have the same opportunities and that isn’t fair. We have also been thinking about the importance of respecting everyone, no matter what their differences. Everyone is unique and special!

Den Day in Year 3

Today year 3 built dens in the back playground to raise awareness of the challenges that other children face around the world – and how they can help.  They worked really well as a team to plan and construct ambitious designs!

Countdown to Day for Change

We have been busy counting our change collection in reception.  The current total is …£283 which the government have promised to match.

This Friday the 6th all children (and adults) are invited to wear blue and ring in a donation of .50 or more so that we can boost our coin collection.  Remember that every penny raised helps children in emergencies.

Dragon Art!

As part of our focus on china and the Shang Dynasty, year 3 made their very own dragons. They had to craft them out of paper, card and lolly sticks! Using symmetry to ensure the dragon had a fine coat of scales meant the results were really quite beautiful.

Shang-tastic Homework

Year 3 have produced a stunning level of homework of the easter holidays. We have been amazed by the depth of research and knowledge on show before we’ve even started the topic. It has set up the children’s learning perfectly for the coming term. A massive well done!


At STEAM 2016 Planet Under Pressure, Year 5 shared their learning about Space and the possibility of future human voyages to Mars for the purpose of living there (SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 9 Innovation and Infrastructure).

With much appreciated help from Andy and Tanya, they wrote and performed their own news report about the first landings on Mars.

Food for Thought

The children of year 6 certainly got their message about climate change across at the STEAM 2016 Planet Under Pressure exhibition. We hope there are now more parents and members of our community who are considering changes to their diet to help combat the effects of global warming and who knows, maybe countries who are affected by flooding will look to the children’s ‘Floating Fields’ for inspiration. ( SDG 2 End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture)

Terraforming Mars

At STEAM 2016 Planet Under Pressure, Year 5 shared their learning about Space and the possibility of future human voyages to Mars for the purpose of living there (SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 9 Innovation and Infrastructure).

The children strived to answer the question ‘How can we colonise a planet sustainably?’ Along their exploration, they researched Mars, discovered the problems of living on the red planet and worked together to create solutions. They travelled 10 years into the future and created a TV news report about the successful colonisation of Mars,  produced their own animation to show how Mars may look in 20 years and terraformed a virtual Mars on Minecraft!





Are you a fan of fresh fruit smoothies?
Passionate about Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing)?
Do you enjoy a challenge?

Then Torriano had the answer for you!

Alongside our highly successful Food Waste cafe, our Sustainability Task Force ran a Blendavenda station! The bikes, which blend fruit into smoothies as you pedal, were an amazing tool for encouraging discussion around health and well-being. It was wonderful seeing how many children enjoyed spending their time exercising for a nutritious reward. Our parents and staff loved joining in with the children too and particularly enjoyed the fresh fruit smoothies at the end.

We look forward to working with the Blendavenda team again.

Torriano Food Waste Cafe!



We are proud to share that as part of our annual STEAM exhibition, Torriano’s Sustainability Task Force opened a very successful Food Waste Cafe!

Learning about the Sustainable Development Goals is an integral part of growing into an informed, active and responsible citizen here at Torriano, but deciding to put these principles into action within our own community was the next step for us. Through collecting unused and nutritious ingredients from friends, families, the school kitchens and shops in our community, the children at Torriano made a very valid point about the importance of SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption.

One Year 5 child put best – “If we can run a cafe for our whole school by cooking with all the food that would have been thrown away, then imagine what we could do with all the food thrown away in London! Or the world!” We can’t help but wonder if the success of our delicious cafe, selling bruschetta, soups and cricket muffins, hints at the need for a more regular spot at the Torriano Earth Kitchen….

For now, re-use and re-cycle!

Embrace the Night (STEAM sneak peak)

Year 3 have been hard at work developing on of their exhibits for the STEAM exhibition. Using Adobe Slate on the ipads they have been putting their own spin on a non-chronological report. Now I won’t give too much away, but it will certainly ‘shine’ some light on a very global issue.

STEAM project

We were very lucky this morning to have Steven Camden come in to work with a group of children. They were creating their own lyrics to a song/dance/video project which will feature in the exhibition. Watch this space!!!


Following on from the colossal success of Dr. Diane Davies last week, Year 5 continued their ongoing Maya study with an interactive workshop, delivered by the Mexicolore family. Through singing, chanting, dancing, ball games, drumming and some very elaborate costumes, both Year 5 classes learnt about the ancient and intriguing civilaztion in the most exciting way possible. Throughout the morning, the children enjoyed sharing their knowledge about the Maya, comparing them to the neighbouring Aztecs and discovering a few unusual facts along the way. Did you know that the Maya drilled jade stones into their babies’ teeth? Time to share our knowledge through writing. Tiahue! (Let’s go)

Stunning Stone Age Study

Year 3 have completed some fantastic homework during their break from school. They were charged with the task of finding out as much as possible on pre-historic Britain. We took some time to appreciate the effort they had put in by sharing it with the class in our homework gallery.

A-maya-zing work

Year 5 kick-started the Spring term by sharing their brilliant Maya homework projects! After the children shared their fascinating findings with each other, each class collected  their facts together and the children prepared to become myth busters! As part of our new topic, ‘Maya: Myth, Mystery and Marvel’ the children will be finding out about Maya life. Throughout the project, we will return to our original research to discover if any of our facts are actually myths. This will help us to become true historians, investigating the validity of historical sources. Next week, we look forward to a visit from Dr. Diane Davies – an expert Maya archaeologist.

House of Illustration

Year 3 visited the House of Illustration on Wednesday. The children had a fantastic time touring the Ernest Howard Shepard exhibition. It was another great link to the children’s WW1 topic, as it documented how EH. Shepard developed the Winnie the Pooh illustrations during his time away at war, also giving further insight into a soldiers life on the front-line.  The pop-up books created at the workshop showcase the great artistic talent that the children have!


The Story of Cher Ami

Year 3 dramatised the heroic actions of the bird named ‘Dear Friend’ or, ‘Cher Ami’.

Click the picture to continue your research about communication. pigeon

Scroll down to play the game of deciding how you would’ve sent a message in World War 1.

What else can you discover by reading and watching what is on the /Pigeon vs telephone: which worked best in the trenches?’ page. . .

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE)

Twig to Bow workshop

Years 3 and 5 were very lucky to have an hours workshop each with the OAE today. They will be delivering projects with Torriano primary for the next 3 years. Today Cherry, Ceceilia and Hetty demonstrated different pieces on their instruments and as an ensemble. The children were taken back in time to the music of the 1400’s through to the late 1700’s. They listened to pieces such as Mennetto by Mozart and an early 1600 piece called Lillibulero. They discussed  the importance of communication in music ensembles as well as the evolution of the violin and oboe. The OAE will be working with year 2 on a singing project in the spring term based on the theme of ‘opposites’.

You can’t say that!

Year 3 looked at how the British government kept a close eye on what was sent to and from the front line during World War 1. The children got the chance to open, censor and deliver letters sent from the front-line!

The postal service was a powerful tool during the war, but how exactly did they control what soldiers got to write home about?

Can you tell me in the comments below; What they couldn’t write about? What the postal service did to censor the letters? What process did the letters have to go through?

Click the image below to remind yourselves what went on.


Family Trees

Over the half term year 4 explored their family histories. They created some fantastic family trees which are now on display in our classrooms! Not only did the children create their own family trees but some children brought in old photographs of relatives and we even saw a family tree that dates back to the 1700s! This term we will be trying to answer the question ‘Who are the people of Britain?’ So discovering the children’s own cultures has given us a great start.

SDG Taskforce

As part of the Worlds Largest Lesson we have been learning about the Global Goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An SDG task force has been set up and consists of children from year 5 and 6. Their first task was to help parents and carers complete a questionnaire all about the SDGs. This questionnaire will help us to see what adults know about the SDGs! The last time we conducted a questionnaire like this was to collect information on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and it was very successful. Look out for children in the playground, they want to ask you about the SDGs! #telleveryone

Summer Reading Challenges- do you dare?!

This summer we are challenging you to take part in two awesome competitions; The Summer Reading Challenge and The Torriano Juniors Extreme Reading Challenge!

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays. You can sign up at your local library, then read six library books of your choice, collecting stickers and other rewards along the way – all FREE.
And now, all year round, the Summer Reading Challenge website helps you keep track of your reading, find new books to read, take part in competitions and play games.

Click here to visit the Summer Reading Challenge website

What is the Extreme Reading Challenge?

This summer we will also be running a photographic competition for the most obscure and entertaining place that the pupils and staff can be caught reading!
In the first week back we will be sharing all of our ‘Extreme Readers’ in assembly and awarding prizes for the following categories…

  • The most creative
  • The most opportunistic
  • The most surprising

You can send your entries in to us at…

So why not combine these two fantastic competitions; get caught reading in cool places and pick up some rewards along the way!


Harmonise at the Southbank

Year four had a fantastic day on Thursday at the South Bank Centre where they performed with three other schools as part of the Harmonise project. The children have been working with musicians Allim and Noga for the past few weeks to prepare for this exciting event. The project was organised by Music Action International and was part of Refugee Week Celebrations which have been taking part across the country this week. The children performed a Somalian song taught to them by some of our parents and they also sang two songs which they composed themselves. The performances were watched by members of the public and proud parents also came along. Well done everyone involved your really made us proud and stood up for the rights of refugees.

Both classes individual performances will appear here shortly!

Trench Brothers: Puppet Workshop

Today Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a puppet making workshop with the Little Angel Theatre, as part of their Trench Brothers Project. 5MW created smartly dressed soldiers from the West Indies Regiment, whilst 5VB crafted striking soldiers from the Indian Army. The children used all of their focus and design skills to follow each tricky step carefully, making sure that their puppet followed the strict uniform rules! After half term, the children will be practising their puppetry skills, whilst continuing to learn their songs in preparation for the big performance in July. Well done Year 5 – excellent work!

The Torriano Mock Election- The Results

The Torriano Mock Election

Last week the school went to the polls, here are some key facts from the day:

  •  Election day was Thursday 7th May
  • Leadership debate took place at 9.15am on Thursday 7th May
  • Campaigning took place in the playground
  • Many undecided voters
  • Polling opened at 1.15pm and closed at 3.00pm
  • Long queues outside the polling station
  • 100% voter turnout
  • 93% of those eligible to vote registered
  • Results were counted and verified by polling staff
  • Results were announced on Friday 8th May
  • The winners were The Community Party with a majority of 91 votes
  • The leader of the The Community Party addressed voters, thanking them for their support
  • The leader hopes to sit down for talks with Ms Bruckdorfer over manifesto promises in the coming weeks

Trip to the Emirates…

On Friday a few lucky children headed to the Emirates  for the opening of the new state of the art Community Hub. It was a trip we’ll never forget. On arrival to the hub we were briefed as to what our afternoon would entail. We picked up our i-pads to document our day and headed on a tour of the Stadium. We got to go behind the scenes and even managed to sneak into the changing rooms!

We used the pictures we had taken to create an I-book about our day…then…while busily working on our books we had a visit from two of the Arsenal players! Francis Coquelin and Per Mertesacker. We played some literacy games with them and used recordings of them to make our books even more amazing.

The day finished with the official opening of the new 3G community pitch and we were fortunate enough to watch the first ever match to be played on it! All in all a day never to forget!


This term year 4 will be working with Music Action international on a performance project. They will be working towards a final performance at the South Bank Centre which will involve them learning a new repertoire of songs as well as composing and performing their own original compositions. The performance will be with schools from other boroughs across London. Last week the whole school was treated to a special assembly with our tutors Noga Ritter and Alim Kamara.

Trench Brothers

Year 5 took part in an exciting WW1 workshop on Monday to kick start their Trench Brothers project, where the children will be working towards their own musical puppet performance, telling the story of the Indian Army, West Indies Regiment and black British Soldiers during WW1. To find out more about the project visit:
Today, David Graves, a retired RAF officer, brought in an array of authentic WW1 artefacts including soldiers’ uniforms, rifles and gas masks, which the children enjoyed investigating.

Vote May 7th- The Torriano (mock) Election



This week the children have been getting geared up to begin their capaigning for the Torriano (mock) Election!

There will be four parties battling for the children’s votes:

Change Party
Tomorrow Party
Community Party
Ideas Party

Each party will have a campaign team of ten who will choose one leader. These parties will then have 10 days to prepare for May the 7th, campaigning will include their own party political broadcast and leaders debate!

We will also be recruiting a team of organised officials for the polling station on May 7th.

1 Returning officer
8 Counters
4 Polling officers
4 Station Managers

If you would be interested in being a part of this admin team, please let your class teacher know.

We hope to have a full voter turn out on May 7th, don’t forget your polling card!





Our whole school theme, Their Past Our Future was explored through the technologies and innovations that took place during the time of war. Through the whole school project we aimed to bring together Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM)

Year 3 looked at medicine and microbiology. They found out all about the development of medicine, especially the innovations that dealt with the casualties and the injuries of the First World War. Year 4 learnt about the developments of sound and communication, from early Morse code right up to modern day tweeting. Their very own Morse code machine, created through computer coding, featured at the exhibit. Year 5 took a close look at flight innovation and at those who influenced these amazing developments and the technology behind it. Year 6 looked at improvements that have been made in prosthetics since WW1. They also looked to the future and the creation of the ‘superhuman’.


‘Magnifique’,  ‘Fabuloso’,  ‘Inspirational’,  ‘Sick’

Just some of the many shouts that could be heard at the STEAM exhibition on Friday afternoon. The upstairs hall? It can’t be!

Following last year’s successful STEAMspeare exhibition, this year’s Engineering our Future exhibition was again a fusion of cardboard and fluorescent tape (à la Jack Cornell), entwined with the amazing, creative work by pupils and staff alike.

Immediately after stepping into the exhibition, you were pulled along by the psychedelic display of microbe art dangling from every point. After having been checked for germs and advised about cleanliness, you were then guided by hypnotic iPad screens, showing off the year 3 microbe dance. It is amazing what you can do with a goPro and a green screen!

Turning to the left you walked into the triage of trenches where medics ably wrapped wounded visitors with bandages and gave overwhelmed viewers a jab to calm them down. Exit right form the trench, mesmerised by the pulsating music, and you walked into the 3d printing area which led into a catacomb of galleries.

With the huge microbe costume display as the centre point, a musical sound barrage of microbe trance music, installed by Mr C’s whole school collective, added to the mystique of this incredible ‘show’.

First left again and you were welcomed by the white coat brigade into the prosthetic limb section and the drawing lab. They eagerly informed you about their research into the development of prosthetics since WW1. Looking to the future, they considered what kind of prosthetics could be made available for creating superhumans and designed and developed different types of prosthetics for a range of different purposes. Their working prototypes were displayed and explained.

Like stepping out of a tardis, the next section was a mix of grandma’s 1914 living room crossed with a NASA Space lab.

To the left there were secret messages written in Morse code and authentic artefacts to explore. All of the children’s hard work was there for all to see; their detailed information texts and photos of their dance performances brought communication to life, and their understanding of science allowed them to build their own Morse Code machines. Travelling through time, back to 2015, using their computing knowledge and D&T skills, the children also built and coded Raspberry Pi Morse Code  machines.

Dit dit dit  dah dah dah  dit dit dit!!!

Passing by the Star-Trekky SOLE learning board into the final section of the exhibition, you could feel huge gusts of wind coming from what looked like an aircraft hangar.

Inspired by Wilbur and Orville Wright, visitors to the hangar were given the opportunity to design and create their own paper airplanes. The year 5 scientists were able to talk about their own flight experiments and how their knowledge of forces helped them to design paper planes. The visitors to the flight lab, who were incredibly impressed with the children’s knowledge about aviation during WW1, enjoyed designing their own WW1 aircraft with the help of expert advisors.

What a journey!

Many thanks to Emma Sampson (Science Lead) for her great enthusiasm and Jack Cornell (artist in residence) for his motivation and inspiration.

Can it be bettered? He reckons yes.

In the words of Roberto Martinez…it was phenomenal.

Tribe Torriano at Celtic Harmony

Last week Year 3 spent a sensational day at ‘Celtic Harmony’, a truly immersive experience of Iron Age Britain. The children got the chance to feel what it was like to live in an authentic roundhouse, weave intricate clothing on a loom, explore what and how herbs were used to make life easier, grind wheat to start the process of making bread and make their very own bracelet dyed using, the very herbs they’d previously looked at. It was an unforgettable day as the children were a credit to the school, and themselves.

Inspector Inference’s Hint Hunt

This morning, Inspector Inference asked the children for some assistance with a rather puzzling case. A picnic blanket, a half eaten sandwich, a pile of books and a basket full of unusual objects were all left in assembly!

The inspector has asked the children to help out by looking out for anything else unusual over the next couple of days. They have already been busy, adding to his bank of evidence and they will be rewarded on World Book Day with the chance of winning a brand new book of their choice!

Can you guess who may have been here?!

It’s Christmas

The word has spread.
The lower hall was packed to the rafters this morning for the Annual Torriano Juniors Christmas ‘Show’. In remembrance of World War 1, pupils told the story of the Christmas Truce accompanied by a whole school choir and musical band. It was indeed a show to remember.
We were tapping our feet to Paul McCartney one minute and then the next reaching for our handkerchiefs such was the power of the performance.

To top it all off, the annual Christmas video was unveiled…Ghostbusters. Speechless!

Congratulations to all pupils and staff for such a stunning performance.

Sir Rowland Hill

As part of our Post Office and communication during the First World War topic, we had a visit from Sir Rowland Hill, inventor of the penny black. He spoke to the children about his story, explaining how he pioneered the introduction of the penny post making post affordable for the masses. The children created a letter, with a penny black stamp on the front of course, to send to whomever they wanted. It was a terrific chance to be in the company of a very special personality, a special thanks once again to the Big Wheel company for making our history come alive!

Year 3 ‘Pop-up’ to the House of Illustration

Today Year 3 visited the House of Illustration by Granary Square. They had the chance to experience the brand new Paddington Bear exhibition, learning all about the history of Paddington and how he has changed over 50 years! Following a look around other galleries there the children were able to create their very own illustrations. The workshop resulted in them making their own pop-up cards around our theme of World War 1. Each card was based on a line from a letter sent during the war, with the children having to select images and position them effectively to illustrate their given line.

Roll up! Roll up! It’s the Year 3 Learning Fair

On Friday the parents and carers of Year 3 were treated to a wonderful display of songs, performance poetry and the children’s work on their topic of World War 1. It was a superb chance for the children to sit with each other and different adults to talk about what they have learnt and achieved. There was a fiercely contested Quiz as well, with William, Molly and Mason’s team coming out on top!

A massive thank you to all who attended, it really is appreciated and we hope to see you all again soon!

Earth Kingdom

The sun shone down upon Earth Kingdom today as we all got a chance to climb, crawl and balance about the new active space in the back playground.
After having patiently waited throughout the term watching it evolve, both children and staff took full advantage. When is it my turn next?

Box of memories

Sometimes objects help us to remember special memories. During WW1 it was important for soldiers to have reminders of home. What items might have been important to them? Year 3 imagined a loved one was fighting in a war far from home. Over half term we put together a small box of things to remind him or her to keep their spirits up. After wrapping our boxes up and fixing a stamp on them they were ready to post. In the pictures you can see that our post office was very busy with all of the parcels.

Active Spaces

As you may have noticed there have been some changes over the summer holidays! Even though our playground might seem a little bit smaller now, it is all for a very good cause. This is because our Active Spaces project is currently taking shape in the back playground.

Made from Scratch, who are building the structure, are a company dedicated to building play spaces that bring together children and communities. We were able to catch a few minutes with the Made from Scratch dream team. Gemma (Creative Director) and Llewelyn (Site manager) told us they are very excited to be working with award winner designers Erect to realise their Kingdom. They are creating the space from local sustainable wood sources and the nets will all come from a British producer. Gemma explained to us that the space, which looks much like a fallen fortress, will add high play value for the children, creating opportunities to climb, crawl, balance and allowing a huge scope for imaginary play.

Llewelyn is particularly pleased with the connection between our existing walkway in the trees and the new construction, “it is extending the life of the walkway as well as the scope of play.” It doesn’t end once the barriers come down and it opens for the children, Gemma believes there is huge scope for the later addition of pulleys, baskets and talking tubes. The teaching staff are also very excited to use the new space as a backdrop to the schools curriculum!

If you would like to find out more about Made from Scratch please visit

To read more about our award winning designer Erect Architecture please visit

Louder Together

The International Day for Street Children is celebrated every year on 12 April. The day provides a platform for the millions of street children around the world – and their champions – to speak out so that their rights cannot be ignored.
To celebrate this special day, the World Cup and our partnership with Netley Primary School we created this video.
We hope that you enjoy it!

Carnival at Torriano

This term, as part of our learning, we celebrated Brazil’s culture and the World Cup through carnival, dealing with the issues of social justice and equality, eradication of poverty and sustainable development. As celebration of all our hard work, we held a carnival. Many thanks to all parents that turned up to make it another special ‘Torriano Day’.


Last week a very special visitor came to Torriano. Nixiwaka is from the Yawanawa tribe in the north western part of the Amazon rainforest. He works with Survival International to raise awareness of the rights of Amazon Indians. He showed us his bow and arrow and we found out that he went on his first hunting trip when he was just 6! It was interesting to find out about the problems facing his tribe and we shared our views on deforestation. We were inspired by his beautiful headdress so we decided to make our own. Check them out at the Carnival!

Louder Together Blog

Don’t forget to check out our Louder Together Blog to see how carnival preparations are going!

Louder Together Blog

Brazil Task Force

Today the Brazil Task Force got together to begin discussions on communicating our whole school Brazil project with the parents/carers. Click here to visit our blog and see how we are getting on!

Torriano Talent Burst School Show

We had a fantastic morning watching the class winners in our Talent Burst Competition.  There were dancers, musicians, comedians and  singers all delighting their very excited audience with their exceptional talents.

Well done everyone, you’re not good…you’re GREAT!

French Fair

Year 4 have been learning all about the history, geography and culture of France so we decided to share our knowledge  with year 6 as they prepare to head to Paris.  We invited them to a French Fair where they had the opportunity to learn about Euros, shopping, the French Revolution, transport, food, football, useful French phrases and the art of France.  It was great fun!

Year 6 particularly enjoyed the croissant stall and having their photograph taken in the French photo booth ( look out for the photos in our French Gallery).


We hope Year 6 have a wonderful time in Paris.

Bon Voyage et amuses vous bien!

Filming on the Heath!

On Wednesday, 3VB were accompanied by ‘Film in Education’ on a trip to Hampstead Heath. Following their planning session last week, the children were ready for filming their silent film. Dressed as an array of rainforest animals, 3VB delivered their best performances as angry bees, sad monkeys, hungry jaguars and guilty woodcutters! All of the children were praised on their  fantastic ability to take direction and perform with energy and enthusiasm as the cameraman captured them swinging through the trees, climbing onto logs and trekking through the forest! Whilst off set, the children enjoyed playing together on the heath, taking part in parachute games and occasionally sheltering from the rain in the band stand!

We all had such a fantastic day and cannot wait to see our film!

3VB: Silent Film Producers!

3VB spent the day on Wednesday working on a very exciting project…

The class were very lucky to work with ‘Film in Education’ who are going to help  the children to produce their very own silent film that will be shown at the Silent Film Festival in July. It was a very creative day, as the children worked in groups to think of ideas for a rainforest story. Thinking about the theme of sustainiblity, the children created a story that explains the effects of deforestation, told from the view point of the animals. They spent the second half of the day acting out each part of the story, creating story boards for the camera man and deciding the type of film shots to use. What a busy day!

Next week, 3VB will be visiting Hampstead Heath for a day of filming – watch this space for further updates!





How on earth do you marry the literary and artistic brilliance of Shakespeare and Science in an exhibition?

The short answer, in the exciting exhibition mounted by Torriano Junior School, is to choose an appropriate name, focus on Shakespeare’s world, both real and imagined, add a few ipads and there you have it…Steamspeare!

This is an exhibition that takes us on a journey from 1614 Stratford upon Avon to 2014 Kentish Town Camden. It puts his plays into context in a number of fascinating ways.

The exhibition begins downstairs with year 4s Shakespearean soundscapes which accompany an audio-tour.

The sounds echo around this exhibition, and moving upstairs you have the feeling that you have stepped into the wrong room as you are greeted by the eerie lights that spectacularly light up the top hall.

You can’t have a Shakespeare exhibition without living language; and here you get what are called “digital” characters. Year 5 have been working with Jack the artist to create sculptures inspired by their study of Macbeth. They used some alternative types of material. It’s amazing what you can create with some tape and wire. Using ipads as faces the characters talk to each other to recreate magical scenes.

On a glowing white screen in the middle of a hall, appear the shadows of familiar characters. Year 3 created shadow puppets and used their silhouette creations to tell a part of Shakespeare’s story from their biographies. They experimented with different torches, coloured films and motors to create different effects for the performance.

Finally, in the corner of the hall is a darkened room. Step inside and you arrive in a Midsummer Night’s Dream of kaleidoscopic lanterns and vibrating games created by an extremely busy year 6.

One word.



Catch a sneak preview of Camden’s first Primary Careers Conference 2014.

Torriano Junior School and Netley Primary, in conjunction with Camden Children Schools and Families, Goldsmiths and Dentsu Aegis, bring you an opportunity to hear the personal journeys and experiences of people from different walks of life. This is a spectacular event you will not want to miss.

Active Spaces – What moves you?

We are very excited about the school’s involvement in the Camden Active Spaces Project. This is a joint venture with the infant school and will give us the opportunity to develop dynamic play provision, whilst creating an ‘active space’ for the community to use. Parents, community groups, staff and children took part in a day of consultation with Erect Architects and Wayward Plants last friday.
Erect designed the new ‘Olympic Park’ playground and have some exciting ideas about linking the two schools through the active space. They asked questions like ‘What moves you?’ and ‘Why do you return to a space?’ Discussion and feedback showed that our school commnuity also have some interesting and innovative ideas too!

The children created two imaginary kingdoms and then played a game of ‘Border Ball’ to share ideas with the infants school. A great start!

If you did not attend the consultation, there will be a further opportunity to share your views during parents’ evening.

A-maze-ing Labyrinth

As part of today’s Christmas concert, Torriano’s Labyrinth music videos were premiered.  Starring our very own David Bowie,  Jennifer Connelly and a host of goblins, our film was a roaring success.

Every note was played or sung by the Torriano band.  The costumes, acting and dance all produced at Torriano.  Even the animation was made our year six children.

Sit back, enjoy, but beware the Goblin King!

LABYRINTH – Coming Soon!

Coming soon to Torriano Junior School, the musical spectacular – LABYRINTH.

Don’t miss it!

The Future is Ours

In this digital world that we now live in, computing is rapidly changing. in preparation, year 6 pupils have embarked on a basic programming skills course which will eventually be open to all pupils at Torriano. Our guest expert, Mr Hall, introduced us to Scratch programming and within minutes the children were entranced by the sprite that they were controlling via their own commands. Up and down, round and round…if they can do this in such a short space of time what will they produce by the end of term?

Next half term we will be running an after school coding club, taught by a volunteer from Google. Ready or not here we come.

Careers Week – Art Historian

Careers week has been a roaring success in year 6.  We have had some fantastic and inspirational visitors telling us all about their work.

Art historian, Guido, talked to us about how he loves art because it makes him think and it teaches us to ask questions. He showed us some really fanscinating pieces of art work and asked us to think about what we thought was happening. We had some really insightful ideas. We thought it was brilliant that he described art as puzzles without answers.

Guido teaches art history students and talked to us about being curious and this can make us see art in a completely different way.  He said that if you think of something as dull it will be dull so we have resolved to find curiosity in everything we do!

Thank you to Guido for being so inspirational and interesting!


A new lunchtime retro craze has returned to the classrooms at Torriano. The children are showing so much imagination and creativity that I am not sure what is real and what is not when I walk into the room.

If you want to ‘Le go’of any old Lego bits n bobs we would be extremely grateful for any donations.

Communicating To Change The World

In assembly we thought about this term’s theme ‘Communicating to Change the World’ and our key objectives for the year:

1. Communicating through writing.

2. Using technology to help self-organise our learning.

We were introduced to one of our ‘Communication Champions’, Pakistani schoolgirl and winner of the Children’s Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai. She was attacked after championing the rights for girls’ education in Pakistan. Malala wants all children to have the opportunity to attend school as there are currently 57 million children, across the globe, without access to education.

We watched some of Malala’s speech to the United Nations on the 12th July and discussed the task of writing Malala a letter to tell her about what happens in our school.

You can find out more about this task in the Home Learning section of each year group page. Use the QR codes in the foyer to find out about our other ‘Communication Champions’.

The Grass is Always Greener at Torriano

As you step into school bright and early tomorrow, cast your eyes towards the left. What was known as ‘the pitch’ has been transformed into a mini Emirates. It took two men five days to lay 9 tonnes of sand and 11 tonnes of rubber. Maths questions to follow!

The pitch is 3G artificial turf. Artificial 3G sports surfaces have been used to hold UEFA Champions League games, and FIFA promotes the use of synthetic football surfaces and pitches. I know the staff can’t wait to play on it. What about you?

Thank you to Arsenal Football Club for their generous contribution to this project.

Torriano Wows the Public at Regent’s Place!


Today the Torriano pupils demonstrated that they were ‘Gormley’s in the making’ after the official launch of the Interaction Project at Regent’s Place.

We began our project eight weeks ago by visiting Regent’s Place to gain inspiration from the art that is installed in the space, including Anthony Gormley’s Reflection. We then spent the last eight weeks in school creating our own sculptures using wire. This was a new technique for us and very tricky.

Today was the launch and celebration of the work that we have created. When we arrived in Regent’s Place this morning it was fairly quiet, but by lunch time it was busy and bustling, filled with office workers having their lunch in the sun. This gave us the perfect opportunity to survey the public and find out what they thought of our work- some people even wanted to buy it! We also were able to have a go at chalk drawing on the tiles, not something you get to do everyday.

The art work will be in Regent’s Place until mid August, please go and check it out!

Game, Set and Match at Torriano

We were amazed at the sporting talents of our children this week during the Torriano Wimbledon Championships. The whole school turned up in tennis attire and the players wowed us with an impressive array of forehand and backhand shots; combined with some volleys and powerful serves.

This all took place on Torriano Centre Court. Tension mounted during the enthralling finals on Thursday, where parents and children cheered along their class representatives. The children also took part on court as ball monitors and umpires; whilst enjoying strawberries too.

Well done to all of the players; especially our winners. We will be celebrating their achievements in assembly on Monday. Well done to the teachers too, who also showed us their best shots!

Oxfam Water Week 2013

Next week is the annual ‘Oxfam Water Week’. The Eco Champions have begun to put their heads together to come up with some fun activities to raise awareness about people who are ‘water vulnerable’- this means that they have problems getting their water because of floods, droughts, war or sometimes because their government have not built the pipes correctly.

Some of the ideas included a water themed parent/ teacher race at sports day and an awareness raising water stop! The Eco Champions will be presenting in assembly on Monday and we would love to know if you have any more ideas for raising awareness!


As part of our Science Week celebrations, Torriano pupils trawled through the web researching some of the greatest inventions and discoveries throughout history.
Each group member was assigned a role. The musicians recorded different instruments to create individual samples. They then took these samples and arranged them as loops to create an industrial sounding backing. The artists/animators chose different points in history and recreated them through stop frame animation as well as using the final cut program to create a time line of visual progress. The narrators planned and read brief descriptions of each animation to provide background information.

Year 5 Sale!

An exciting event is taking place after school on Friday 28th June!

Year 5 have been working with accountancy firm KPMG to learn about the world of business. As part of this, the children are in groups that plan to make and sell items to raise money for UNICEF.

We’ll be there from 3:30 and we look forward to seeing you there!

MDG Task Force – Day 3

This morning the Task Force were pleased to welcome to the school Maura Hayes from UNICEF. She wanted to find out all about our MDG project.
We explained to her how the original five Year 5 children who consulted on the kind of world they wanted after 2015 have now been joined by seven other children. We discussed the skills we all have which will help the project be successful.

We then told her how each year group was focusing on a different MDG. Have a look at the year Group pages for more info.
We mentioned that parents were getting involved too. She laughed when we said we had sent a text to them today reminding them to complete their Mission 2 homework on the 6 important issues to families. Check it out!

We also discussed why it was important for all our futures that we know and understand the challenges the world faces and how we might do something about them.
Finally, we ended with each member sharing what they thought had gone well in the meeting and Maura said she felt that the project is very worthwhile and she is so happy UNICEF are involved with us in spreading the word!


Year 5 were really lucky to have Shivum, Oli, Christian and Lorna from KPMG visit us today.

We are going to be completing an enterprise project.

We began the day by thinking about a High Street is.
We considered the following:
– Which shops do we find on a High Street?
– How have high streets changed recently?
– What can big companies offer that family run businesses can’t?
How are they able to do this?

We learned about how slogans such as Nike and kFC use their designs to encourage us to buy their products.

We were surprised to find out that the most common business found on a high street is the Post Office. The discussion developed into looking at the difference between first and second class postage. The whole postage process was then discussed in groups.

The children worked in groups to create their own High Street, taking into consideration the essential shops required. The session ended with the children discussing what shops sell, where the money comes from and where it goes.

The next session began with each group listing household essential items. We also thought about impulse buying and what other tactics the shops use to make us spend lots of money such as meal deals, advertising and promotions.

We were really surprised by the idea that companies have methods to work out what we want to buy. By using information from thing such as club cards, companies can see what you are buying every week and send you related vouchers. .

The children were very knowledgeable about the different ways we can pay for the things we want and we talked about what we did before we had money. Our discussion of the history of trade continued and Dasha gave an excellent explanation.

The children were given a list of everyday items found in a shopping trolley. They had to work out a price for each one. We then discussed needs and wants. We found it interesting that needs vary from place to place, for example, water in Tanzania is a need whereas in the UK we have tap water.

After lunch, we recapped on everything we had learned and did a refresher. Shivum gave us a shopping list where we had to use our excellent maths skills to work out how much it would cost altogether.

Our task is to design and make 3 products from recycled materials.

We each needed to take a role within our teams:

– managing director
– financial advisor
– research and development officer
– marketing director
– head of human resources
– product design

Shivum explained that within each role, there are different skills that are needed. For example, the Managing Director needs to be someone who is going to keep everyone together, stop people from arguing and brings together the team to make sure everyone is working hard.

Every Child Needs A Teacher!

We know at Torriano how important it is to attend school. But we also know that there are over 60,000,000 primary school children in the world today who do not have that opportunity. Millennium Development Goal 2 was that there would be universal primary education by 2015.

This year’s Send My Friend campaign was about the need for 1.7 million more teachers to be able to make this happen. The children created life size teacher cut outs in each class, noting on them the characteristics of their ideal teacher. They made individual ones too, which were handed over at an assembly on Tuesday to our M.P. Frank Dobson. Mr Dobson will take them to David Cameron ahead of next week’s G8 summit.

He complimented the children on their campaigning efforts on behalf of children who do not have the right to an education or to be heard.

Millennium Development Goals Task Force

Millennium Development Goals

UNICEF Consultation

Making life better for people around the world

Five Year 5 pupils visited St Mary and St Pancras School to share their views on the world they want after 2015; the date the current MDGs elapse.

We hope you enjoy watching the video, which UNICEF made from film shot on the day.  As one pupils says at the end of the video, “Ask us what we want in the future”.

These five children have now formed a Task Force to raise awareness about the MDGs.  They will work alongside UNICEF staff in the last half term to create resources for other schools to use.

To do this they will need help from the Torriano community.  The first step is to recruit enthusiastic children (one per class) to join them in steering the project.

For more information on how to apply, speak to the Year 5 task force.

The Glory of Love

The Karate club and choir team up to do their own version of the Peter Cetera classic taken from the Karate Kid 2. A big thank you to Rod Arran for his help in making it.

Solar Bursting!

On Tuesday April 16th, Wanda Diaz-Merced, an astrophycisist, paid us a special visit; coming all the way from NASA in America. She came for a second time to teach a group of 16 students all about radio astronomy. This included information about how to differentiate solar bursts from manmade interference, which is fairly easy as man made waves show up as rigid neat straight lines where as any information from space looks like a regular curvy wave. Wanda also showed us a calibration; these are used to measure a wave in decibels.
She showed us a diagram of different types of waves, from x rays to radio waves. The diagram is known as the electromagnetic spectrum. All of these different waves have different amounts of energy and a different amount of intensity. If a wave is wide rather than tall and skinny it has a larger amount of energy, but if a wave is tall and skinny it has more intensity this is just one of the many things Wanda taught us throughout the lesson. Fortunately we had the opportunity to ask Wanda questions about her job, anything about the universe and the equipment we were going to be using. This information was about preparing us for when we will collect data of our own.
Both this school and Wanda are very pleased to announce that for the first time we are going to be recording five days of data with our newly built radio telescope. The hope is that we will be able to record a solar burst; if so this will record the duration of time the solar bursts lasted for. We have to record the sunset and sunrise on each day and mark these on the data. Wanda has also asked us to record pictures of the sun each day on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Website. Once this is done we will send it to Wanda who will use a calibration to measure our solar bursts in decibels, intensity and energy. The information will be sent to the Goddard Space centre.

Student Astrophysicists: Nelson and Max Y6

The Right To An Education Starts Here!

In assembly today we thought about our right to an education. We remembered the important ‘Send My Friend To School’ campaign and thought about the activities we have taken part in over the last few years to improve access to education for all. This year the focus is ‘Every Child Needs A Teacher’. The Rights Respecting Councillors will be telling us more about how we can help next week.
We also thought about how lucky we are to have our school and how we need to come to school everyday! Watch the video to find out how we are going to improve attendance and help our learning.

2013 Eggs-hibition: A Cracking Egg-vent!

Yet again, an eggs-ellent eggs-ample of the eggs-traordinary, creative ability of our children and families, was shared at the 2013 Eggs-hibition. Crowds scrambled up to the top hall to get a ‘peak’ at the many egg-trees. The eggs-hibits ranged from eggs-otic to the eggs-traterrestial and of course eggs-perimental; in keeping with our Invention and Discovery Theme. There were many Lor-eggs in there too! The Torriano folk really egg-celled themselves this year, with an eggs-plosive final, egg – cluding; ‘Where the Wild Eggs Are’, ‘An Eggs -tract from Gulliver’s Travels’, ‘The Lor-egg’, ‘Egg-ssembly’, ‘How To Catch a Dragon Egg’, ‘Egg-quarium’, ‘Can an Egg Carry a Book?’ and the very topical ‘Let’s Scramble Together to Beat Homelessness’. There were many more brilliant eggs-hibits. Much fun was had by all!

That’s all yolks!


Intergalactic Torriano Beastie Kids

The Intergalactic project demonstrates the diverse talent and team work that is a unique feature of our school.  Mr Cambata worked with Rod from the Brecknock CLC and a range of staff members to coordinate the project. Children from across the school were involved in animation, composition, artwork, dance and rapping.  The children used Green Screen technology and iMacs to create their own version of the infamous Beastie Boys track. All of the music was created by the children. The project took place over a half term, with the children meeting every Friday to create, practice and refine their  ideas.


The Children’s Commissioner for England visits Torriano

Dr. Maggie Atkinson’s visit began with a tour of the school. She was shown around classrooms by our very own Year 5 Millennium Development Goal experts. After the tour she asked them to promise her, and themselves, that they would remember what they had learned at Torriano about children’s rights when they moved to secondary school.

One of her priorities is to promote children’s rights in the community so she was impressed to note our displays demonstrating that the UNCRC is ‘visible everywhere’.

Dr. Atkinson joined our weekly RRS Council session, asking questions about the election process and their organisation of meetings. She told them she never sits at the head of a table and no one is the ‘boss’ in her meetings.
On the agenda for their meeting was their visit to Manchester, playground signage project feedback from classes and the RRS section on the about to be launched school website.

The meeting ended with her saying how much she had enjoyed spending time at Torriano and she would be writing to them to say so.
It was a wonderful half hour; the Councillors were so knowledgeable about children’s rights she was most impressed! She has even blogged about our school!

“Which brings me to the visit I made to Torriano Junior School in Kentish Town. Part of the London Borough of Camden, this is a Level 2 Rights Respecting School in the UNICEF scheme. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is at the very core of everything this school does, from classroom to playground and back again.  The young guides who took me round knew it in depth and breadth, the staff and governors were completely committed to it, and could tell me with confidence what it meant for them every day.  A fitting note on which to close!”



School of Young Inventors

If you had ventured into the hall at 3.30 Today, Wednesday 27th March, you would have been forgiven for thinking that you had been transported to the Science Museum itself.  However, in our exhibition, every object on display was designed and created by pupils from across the school.

Each year group asked big questions and worked to create solutions through invention or discovery.

Year 3 and 4 worked together investigating how we can use sustainable light in our playground.  Their combined efforts created two incredible models of the school and its surrounds complete with a range of solar powered lighting.

Year 5 explored ways to provide all children around the world with clean water.  They used their extensive knowledge of filtration to create an array of colourful and instructive water filter prototypes.

Year 6 developed solutions for the local problems we see around us.  Their inventions ranged from a computer game to reduce dog mess to a homeless shelter, a living wall complete with working model to a graffiti wall with solar powered lighting system.

Illustrating Inventions

TED artist, Sarah Smith, worked with the children to visually record the Torriano Science Week of Invention and Discovery 2013. The images were directed by, and derived from the children’s ideas and works.

The piece aims to show the journey towards sustainability; highlighting this through polar opposites in the drawing. See if you can spot the events and influences that led to children’s inventions.

Watch this space for the animation!

Torriano Astronomical Observatory – NASA Radio Jove Project

Torriano is proud to announce the completion of the Radio Jove telescope designed to acquire data on Jupiter and solar emissions. The school is now part of the scientific research community and officially an astronomical observatory. We hope that this is the beginning of a long and successful project to teach and inspire the children into learning about science and our solar system and perhaps a few parents too! Astrophysicist, Wanda Merced Diaz has been instrumental in setting up this project and inspiring our children.

Radio Jove is a worldwide project set up by NASA in 1998 to promote Radio Astronomy to students and the general public and increase collaborative research through the sharing of data. Since then, over a thousand teams including schools, colleges and individuals have participated and supported the program.
Jove is an old name for Jupiter; the purpose of the telescope is to gather data on solar and Jovian emissions. The word telescope is rather misleading as you begin to imagine an assembly of lenses allowing you to see distant images closer. Rather, this telescope is designed to ‘listen’ to other planetary bodies through the radio emissions that we can detect on Earth.

These emissions come from the magnetic field that surrounds Jupiter or the Sun. By studying Jupiter’s radio emissions, we can learn about our own planet, as Earth too generates a magnetic field. Similarly, when gaining data on solar activity, we can better understand how stars work and also how it affects the Earth. The impact of solar activity can be seen on Earth in the form of the famous northern lights but it also impacts upon communication systems and power grids.

The recorded data can be monitored by others worldwide or it can be submitted to scientific researchers and people studying astrophysics. The idea is that they can have a pool of data from multiple locations for a particular event.

For people interested in constructing their own antenna, this involves assembling the radio receiver, where a little knowledge of electronics and the ability to solder onto a PCB would help. Constructing an antenna requires an area roughly the size of garden and elevated to about 6 meters (20 feet).

The telescope is now functional, recording data and currently in the process of establishing baseline interference levels so reliable observations can be gathered in future. Above is an example of the data from Torriano for an eight hour period.
The children are being taught by Wanda on Skype once a week. NASA is feeding back information on the data we are sending and the children are plotting the sunset and sunrise everyday.
If you would like to join in, then you are encouraged to visit the NASA Radio Jove website for more details on how to get involved. Also, if you are interested in looking at Torriano’s data, this can be done by installing the small skypipe programme and running the software in ‘client’ mode where you can find the Torriano-UK observatory!

Torriano Takes Flight

As part of Science Week we looked at innovation in flight. We invited along Alan from Eagle Heights to share with us his amazing ornithological knowledge. Alan introduced us to four of his feathered friends. First we were introduced to a Peregrine falcon. Within minutes she was swooping about the hall before landing by Mr Loughney. Next to come along was the Bald-headed eagle, the national symbol of the USA, followed by a Harris Hawk. Finally came the Snowy Owl. Everyone agreed that it was just like a scene from Harry Potter.

Torriano Under the Microscope


During science week, one of our favourite weeks at this school, our excitement overwhelmed us. Science is one of the most enjoyable and varied topics in the national curriculum.

The week was kicked off by a visit from Aisha, a scientist, who taught us about the invention of pneumatics. We made our very own pneumatic powered rockets on Friday.

On Monday our very own science lab was launched by Aniqa, Ruby, Max, Paris, Theo and Miss Williams. The pupils of Torriano enjoyed activities like: plani-shperes, sundials, Little Bits, smoke rings and spaghetti towers. This amazing lab continued through out the week and children from each year participated.

As a pupil in this school, I feel that the teachers really out did themselves on Tuesday by bring in live birds of prey including: a Harris Hawk, a Peregrine Falcon, Bald Eagle and a Barn Owl all the way from Eagle Heights in Kent. As each bird was presented, a silence fell on the school, especially the giant bald eagle and the silent barn owl.

A week on from Aisha’s visit we began building the dome, a series of coloured poles fitted together by Patsy and 11 other children.

I feel science week was a huge success and will be hard to top in the years to come.

Ruby Mullin

World Maths Day!

On 6th March, the brilliant mathematical brains of Torriano were beavering away for World Maths Day. The day was a fantastic opportunity for all of the children to compete with others around the world in a mental maths competition.

Some of the adults also had a go in front of the whole school; Miss Williams and Mr Price showed that practice makes perfect!

In our classrooms we had some problem solving activities to complete with the children working brilliantly together in teams.

There’s one thing for sure at Torriano: WE ARE ALL MATHEMATICIANS!

Torriano take on the world

To celebrate World Maths Day,  Torriano pupils took part in a 24 hour online maths competition. Along with pupils from across the globe they answered as many questions as possible in a minute in an attempt to break the world record for combined correct answers. Congratulations to all the pupils who took part, in particular Aniqa who answered an amazing 1658 questions correctly.

Animation and Discovery…

Mr Cambata and a group of talented, enthusiastic children from across the school have been busy with  composing  a soundtrack for an animation project with the Brecknock CLC. Inspired by our Science Week 2013 theme , this group have been animating discoveries and inventions throughout time. Watch this space for the final product!

Torriano Band Practice

The school band practices every Tuesday lunch time. Here they are getting ready for their performance of A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’.

Innovation and Discovery at Imperial College

Some budding Year 6 scientists had the exciting opportunity of visiting Imperial College to take part in a variety of scientific activities. On our first visit to Imperial College we were blown away when the children got to make their own vortex cannons! After filling the vortex cannons with smoke we watched as smoke rings were created.

 The second activity of the day required the children to become engineers. Luckily our Torriano scientists were innovative and worked together so effectively that they were able to build the tallest Spaghetti tower….

It was the tallest until it collapsed 10 seconds before being measured in the competition!!!

Making a bouncy ball may sound like fun and games but this last activity took a great deal of concentration and even more scientific genius. To mix the solutions, powder, glitter and colouring to produce the perfect bouncy ball was no easy task.

But thanks to our innovative Torriano scientsists we succeeded!