Learning and Curriculum

We are passionate at Torriano about our innovative approach to the curriculum. At its core are the Rights Respecting School ethos and the global citizenship dimension. We believe in a curriculum which promotes participation by the children. They are encouraged to question, reflect, imagine, investigate, explore and communicate their learning in a host of different ways.


This comprises The National Curriculum (published in 1999) and the school’s personalised curriculum.

Big Questions

The coherence of the curriculum is maintained through a framework which consists of a different Big Question for each year group. These questions focus our children’s learning on what their role is as a rights respecting citizen. Our approach to the content is cross curricular. We seek to enable our children to connect their learning to the world around them. In order to do this the units of work in the non core subjects in the curriculum are constructed to facilitate in-depth learning. Elements of the core subjects’ programmes of study are integrated into half term units wherever opportunities exist.

As a result we provide a coherent, secular framework for our other whole school priorities relating to the wellbeing of our school community.

Religious Education

The school implements the Camden Religious Education syllabus, Living Difference, through a concept based, enquiry approach. For the teaching of R.E. the school designates a whole day each half term when it is taught right across the year groups; the world faiths studied in depth are Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. The units studied focus on concepts specific to a religion, ones which are common to many religions and those that are common to all human experience.

Specialist Provision

Each year group is taught French by a specialist speaker and every year group has the opportunity to receive expert swimming tuition. The Performing Arts Leader and visiting peripatetic teachers provide music tuition for a range of wind, brass, string and percussion instruments. There are opportunities for the children to join the school choir and band and perform regularly within and beyond the school community.

Future Learning

The school is committed to developing the use of IT and new media resources to meet the current and future learning needs of the school curriculum. The children have access to a range of resources including online learning platforms and handheld, mobile technology to support and extend their learning.

All children are confident and work hard, developing a curious and creative approach to learning. Our curriculum is a balance between key concepts and relevant contexts which is underpinned by the values conveyed in our Big Questions.