Governors’ Welcome

Governors are committed to ensuring that children experience the highest quality of learning at Torriano. They include representatives of the main political parties nominated by Camden Council, school staff, parent and co-opted representatives. Whilst they give due attention to academic success, they are also committed to the school’s ethos and vision of providing a high quality, inclusive education. We have five parent governors who actively seek the views of the school community to support school improvement.

Message from the Chair

I am very proud of being a part of the learning community at Torriano. Our staff are first class and extremely committed. We have high aspirations and at Torriano we are all learners; not just pupils but the staff and governors too. An openness to challenge and a willingness to learn are qualities I value. In our school the governors ask questions, sometimes difficult ones; the headteacher may not always have the answers, but she strives to provide them. We challenge and learn from each other in order to improve the school further. In a changing world our children will face new challenges but I hope we can give them the confidence to achieve success and an enthusiasm for life long learning.

Luca Salice

The school is a place of family learning which strengthens relationships with parents and builds partnerships with other community groups