The curriculum is enriched by stimulating cultural learning. We collaborate with partners locally in Camden such as The October Gallery, The Photographers’ Gallery and those institutions with National profiles such as The British Museum, The National Theatre, The Globe and St Martins University of the Arts. The Science world is similarly well represented with current projects with NASA, The Wellcome Foundation and Benjamin Franklin House.


Torriano welcomes many visiting artists and experts to the school. These include sculptors, scientists, Shakespearean actors, classical musicians, contemporary dancers, animators and authors all performing at the school or working with the children.


The children make regular curriculum related visits to cultural places of interest throughout their school career, which enrich teaching and learning as well as wider pupil outcomes. The school is situated in Kentish Town with easy access by foot, tube or bus to many of London’s galleries, museums and places of interest. The school covers many of the costs, but parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution to help pay for the cost of travel or entrance fees. We ask parents to help on these outings and are very appreciative of the support given.


As part of our MFL curriculum we provide the opportunity for our Year 6 children to visit a chateau in Paris and apply the language skills they have learnt in real contexts. We consider this to be an important part of their education. Payment can be made by instalments and families who receive income support are offered a reduced price to ensure all children attend.

Staff are knowledgeable and passionate, growing through collaboration within and beyond the school