unicefThe UNCRC is the cornerstone of our whole school policy for promoting positive behaviour.

In consultation with the children, staff, parents and governors at the school we have developed a policy which aims to encourage children to work and play together to uphold our ethos.

The school has put in place effective support systems to aid children to overcome emotional or behavioural barriers to learning; including the support of a Pastoral Care Leader.

Our positive behaviour system, which is known as Stay on Green, encourages children to manage their own behaviour. The UNCRC is a real and meaningful guide to action on a day-to-day basis and as a result there is no need for school rules. The children in each class develop their own Class Charters which become a point of reference for the class and once signed by the teacher, assistants and pupils it signifies a joint undertaking which binds everyone together.

We promote an awareness of everybody’s individual needs and aim for everybody to be valued in our community.