Year 5 Gamelan

This half term year 5 have been studying Gamelan music. Gamelan is the word used to describe an Indonesian orchestra. The Gamelan is made up mainly of tuned percussion instruments. The word ‘Gamelan’ means ‘to hammer’. Gamelan music has political and religious roots and plays an important part in sustaining traditional life. It is heard at celebrations and theatre performances. It is used to accompany shadow puppet plays, poetry and drama.

Both year 5 classes composed their own Gamelan piece of music. There are 2 types of scale, Pelog (7 note scale) and Slendro (5 note scale). We used Slendro. We also incorporated the 4 beat pattern called ‘keteg’. Both classes composed and rehearsed their pieces in class with Mr Cambata.  5W videoed their piece, we hope you enjoy it.

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