Year 3 rock!


Year 3 had an exciting day of hands-on science! We explored different types of rocks and the children got the chance to quiz an expert. Pupils’ inspected different types of rock looking carefully at the varied properties of the rocks, the feel and weight of the rocks and we began to think about why some of the rocks looked so completely different.

Our topic for this term in science is rocks, and together we had created a list of ‘what we want to know about rocks’. We started to chip away at this large selection of questions and some of our misconceptions about rocks by quizzing our expert visitor from UCL, and through making observations about some of the material we could examine.

Year 3 had an amazing rock workshop and we will continue to discover more about our topic throughout the term.

2 comments on “Year 3 rock!

  1. I remember doing this! Last year! 🌟

  2. realy good

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