Year 3 and 6 STEAM: The Future is…Light

A highlight of Autumn 18 was undoubtedly the Year 3 and 6 STEAM exhibition ‘The Future is…Light’. Both year groups did not fail to amaze in their understanding of the scientific concepts of light but also in their insights about how the unsustainable use of artificial lighting impacts our beautiful environment.


Through learning about the history of lighting, Year 6 learnt about ancient, current and new sources of light. Our future will only become more sustainable with smart lighting and a more sustainable consumption of lighting. Equipped with this knowledge, the children designed and created their own sustainable light product prototypes- some of them operated by sensor lighting and others run by renewable energy sources. Using micro:bit coding we explored how these products could be programmed. In English, with SDG 12 and 13 at the forefront of our minds, we wrote persuasive proposals to persuade our community to invest in smart lighting and/or change their light consumption habits. In Science, our study of reflection and refraction culminated in a dazzling 3D sculpture inspired by the incredible artist Olafur Eliasson. The makings of this 3D sculpture involved learning about one and two point perspective- a key skill for engineers and architects.


The STEAM exhibition enabled the children to explain and discuss their discoveries, new knowledge and opinions with visitors of all ages helping them become confident speakers and active contributors -‚Äč “I’m not nervous about speaking in front of lots of people now — talking about our light poetry during the exhibition made me realize it’s quite fun!” (Jake, year 3). The Autumn STEAM term started with the children working with photographers as part of the Tate Britain — London Identity Photography Installation with Steve McQueen. After investigating what light is and how it travels, they explored how light has been used in the past, present and future. Entering, making and then instructing others on how to create working Pin Hole Cameras; writing light poetry; investigating gender stereotypes through self portraits and coding light sensitive robots were only a few of the engineering, artistic, technical and scientific projects that year 3 worked on. This all culminated in the year group designing and ‘imagineering’ their own designs for the future: how robotic light sensors and sustainable lighting can be used to help our local communities.

We look forward to the upcoming Spring STEAM exhibition which will be ‘The Future is…Food’ by Year 2 and 4.

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  1. this looks beautiful

  2. This is amazing!!! I am now thoroughly interested in light.

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