Troll Stinks Assembly

All of us know the story of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” where a rather nasty Troll got its come-uppance at the hands (or hooves) of three goats who only wanted to cross a bridge to eat the sweet grass on the other side. During yesterday’s asssembly, Mr Bioletti told a modern day version of said story…

Billy Goat and his best friend Cyril are messing about with the farmer’s mobile phone, taking selfies and playing games… until they find the number for a troll. Their Grandpa Gruff says trolls are bad, so Billy and Cyril decide to get their own back by sending mean messages. After all, trolls really do stink! Don’t they?

If you found a mobile phone what would you do with it?
Why did the goats send mean messages to the troll?
How could the goats have used their Power for Good?
How can we behave responsibly with technology?

15 comments on “Troll Stinks Assembly

  1. If I found a mobile phone and it belonged to someone I would give it to them.

  2. If I found a mobile phone I would give it back to the person who lost it or give it to my parents to give it to the person who lost it.

  3. I will always use my POWER for GOOD.

  4. POWER for GOOD!!!!

  5. I will always be responsible with technology.

  6. Yeah lyla I agree. The goats sent mean messages to the troll because they had heard stories about the troll being mean . so they decided to say some horrible things to it it was very wrong.

  7. The goats could have used the POWER for GOOD ?. The way to do it would have been to give the farmer back his phone ? when the Billie goat saw the phone.

    I will try to be responsible with technology.

  8. I found the assembly very interesting.

  9. We can behave responsibly when using technology by listening to your parents when they say you can’t do something online.

  10. The children of 3O says:

    1. We all agree that if we found something of value we would tell our parents or an adult that we know.
    2. Even though they hadn’t met the troll, they already had an idea in their minds that he was big and bad.
    3. First of all they could have given the phone back to the farmer.
    They did show the power of good in the end by making friends and saying sorry.
    4. Always let an adult know what you are doing if you are on the internet. Never ever talk with people you do not know. Never click on buttons that you do not understand or give out your personal details.

  11. If I found a phone I would give it to the person who was looking for it ?.The goats sent mean messages becuase they wanted to find out what the troll was like and how he would react. To be carefull with technology and be very responsible with it ??? .????.We can be carefull with someone’s property by not sending rude messages.??
    Nobody should do such thing??❗️

  12. If I found a mobile phone, I would give it in straight away and not wait until anything bad to happen.
    The goats probably sent mean messages to the troll because they were showing off to there friends to make them seem cool.
    They should be respectful of other people’s property.
    We can be respectful of other people’s technology by not sending rude things and doing anything at all with there phone as it is not ours.

    If it’s not ours its ????? BAND!!!!!!
    We should never use it! ?????❌❌

    !!!! NEVER EVER !!!!

  13. I’m think this book is good for kids becuase it teaches how to be respectful and caring. Also to teach them what to do when you see a phone ??.

  14. 1.I think every has a right to be treated equally.2.if you are young you do not have the right to have a phone if I had a IPhone or something I would give it back straight away.

  15. Phoebe Grace says:

    I think if I would find a phone and someone was looking for a phone close by I would ask if the phone was theirs. If they would say no I would go to a teacher, carer or parent, but if they would say yes I would give them the phone.

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