Trench Brothers: Puppet Workshop

Today Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a puppet making workshop with the Little Angel Theatre, as part of their Trench Brothers Project. 5MW created smartly dressed soldiers from the West Indies Regiment, whilst 5VB crafted striking soldiers from the Indian Army. The children used all of their focus and design skills to follow each tricky step carefully, making sure that their puppet followed the strict uniform rules! After half term, the children will be practising their puppetry skills, whilst continuing to learn their songs in preparation for the big performance in July. Well done Year 5 – excellent work!

2 comments on “Trench Brothers: Puppet Workshop

  1. I enjoyed creating a West Indian puppet. It was an amazing expeiriance and it was easier to do it step by step! I liked it when they let you choose the colour of its skin – they look great!

  2. Alice Feron 5vb says:

    I loved making the indian puppet eventhough the steps were tricky we got through it and they look great! I cant wait for the performance!

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