Torriano Takeover Day 2017

What a day!

The children took over the school with great aplomb and energy today.  We started the day with an excellent assembly delivered by two students and their fantastic aunt, Julie. She told us about children’s lives in Sri Lanka and how they ensured their rights were upheld.

Following a quick staff meeting in the adult staff room, our student teachers headed to the classroom.  We then had some interesting and fabulous lessons, taught by our mini teachers.

They ranged from, Chess, Maths, Dance, Baking,  Cycling, Minecraft and Coding  to one of the most notable lessons of the day which was the ‘How to hunt like a Wolf’ lesson which was taught to a very excited class of year ones. We hear it was a howling success!

Well done to everyone today, your enthusiasm was infectious and you most certainly demonstrated that you are self directed, resilient learners.

The future is bright!

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