Torriano Foundlings

Year 2 were transported back to the early 19th Century to spend the day as a Foundling child. After being rounded up off of the street and their parents sent away with token in hands, the children were then cleansed of all things, including their former identity and given a fresh start under the Torriano Foundling Hospital’s care.

The children experienced life as a Foundling by receiving a traditional education of strict dictation, learning the national anthem, reciting times tables and carrying out their chores- including the laundry and sweeping. They were put through their paces in a demanding drill class, taught the skill of sewing and were rewarded with a jolly good game of Ring-a-ring-o’-roses.

2 comments on “Torriano Foundlings

  1. Lottie Saddler says:

    it was fun and I love it

  2. Tabby Peltier says:

    I loved it because it was exciting and it was fun. The teachers were funny.

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