Torriano Christmas Show 2016

Christmas 2016 started with the strike of a match yesterday as Torriano’s latest Christmas piece, ‘The Little Match Girl’, lit up the lives of all parents and staff that were there to witness.

The tale was based on the Hans Christian Andersen story involving a poor little match girl who is cast aside by her cruel neighbours on a cold Christmas Eve…obviously with a Torriano twist.

Torriano’s version was set on Kentish Town High street as we followed the little match girl’s journey towards changing poverty, education and the discovery of renewable energy.

When she finally finds happiness and lights up the sky with stars, through the love of her grandma, satisfied sighs echoed around the audience.​

A  funny, emotive and effortlessly moving cast, performed and sung along with the whole school, all accompanied by Mr C and his outstanding school band.

The performance helped to deliver a heartwarming message about homelessness at Christmas time and the children have raised £770 for homeless charity Shelter so far.

Final performance on Friday. In the meantime, please watch and share the video and help us raise awareness this Christmas.


4 comments on “Torriano Christmas Show 2016

  1. Amazing

  2. munira abdi says:

    It was so fun

  3. It was awesome

  4. It was so fun making the video,it looks really,really good!

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