STEAM: Treetop Tuesday

The pupils at Torriano had a fantastic day yesterday when many specialist speakers came in to talk to the them about their job and how it links to the STEAM skills.

The day kicked off with Patrick Morris, an award winning documentary maker, who has spent much of his career filming in the distant corners of our planet.  He shared with us the natural habitat of some of Earth’s most interesting animals. He explained how it is important to share our knowledge about the changes that humans have caused to the planet and how this affects animal’s habitats. During his filming, he spends much of his time with animal experts as well as scientists and engineers.  His teamwork skills have allowed him to create the work that we see today on TV.

Year 3 had a very informative and entertaining visit from the Orangutan Foundation who work to help save critically endangered orangutans that have lost their homes due to deforestation. The children learnt what amazing animals orangutans are and how they are on the verge of extinction due to the massive impact that farming, particularly of palm oil, has had on the rainforest where the animals live. They considered how we can be change makers and help protect orangutans by raising awareness of the threats facing them.

The day concluded when Alan showed us three fantastic birds of prey:  the peregrine falcon, bald eagle and a hawk.  Alan explained the natural habitat of each of the birds and the specialist diets that they have.  He highlighted their adaptations and how this allowed them to survive in the every changing environment.  He really explained to the pupils the importance of our environment and how we must care for it.


2 comments on “STEAM: Treetop Tuesday

  1. I wasn’t there for the eagles, but it sounds very exciting!

  2. stephan boulanger says:

    it was very exciting

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