Welcome to the Torriano Primary School STEAM 2021 website.

This year we have replaced our usual STEAM exhibition with a STEAM website for us to showcase all of this term’s STEAM learning. Dig a Little Deeper is a project to show how improving the local  environment can also have a positive affect on all aspects of a child’s education.

The importance of place

This year we needed to ensure that our children were actual change makers in their community whilst, preparing them better for life and learning. The power of partnership underpins our ambitions – securing access and opportunity and driving community change.


Following social seclusion, young people want healthy sustainable environments. With our partner school Brecknock, we have set about ‘greening the grey’ of our own community.

Through the Camden STEAM initiative, we have developed a focus on careers education, raising aspirations through curriculum and partnership with employers, who are focused on carbon efficiency, health and wellbeing.


Our STEAM project evaluates the potential for community sustainable power generation and aims to re-wild the school inside and out.


On our journey we have  learnt skills in technology for good and tackled immediate issues such as air pollution. Community voice has been at the heart of this – utilising child agency and parental activism to work with Camden to redesign pavements, traffic systems and creating greener environments.


Legacy thinking going wild

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