Rescue and Recovery in Reception!

We had some unexpected visitors during ‘Register Time’ this week! Fire Fighter Sean, from Islington Fire Station, arrived carrying two rather cheeky looking bears under his arms! He explained that his fire station had received a ‘999’ phone call about two little bears stuck in a tree near Torriano School. He rushed to the emergency and used his ladder to climb up and rescue the bears for us.

Betty and Terence have been a bit ‘under the weather’ since they returned from their adventures around Torriano. We decided that we should call on someone in school who helps us when we are injured or not feeling well. Luckily, Doris (one of our fantastic First Aiders) was available to come and help us check if the bears were ok.

Unfortunately, today Betty and Terence took a turn for the worse so Nurse Kate came in and examined the bears this morning. She kindly gave them a gown and used her special equipment to check them over and gave them some medicine. Her diagnosis was that they will need some bed rest but will make a swift recovery!

Reception were all very worried about the bears so they spent the day making get well cards and pictures to cheer the bears up.

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