Our Trip to the Science Museum

On Wednesday we visited the Science Museum. We attended a workshop called Destination Space and met the people needed to keep astronauts safe in space: the planner, the scientist, the controller, the engineer and the doctor.

We learnt so much. Did you know there is no running water in space? Astronauts use a special filter to clean their waste water, including their wee! Did you know astronauts sleep standing up in a special sleeping bag?

We also discovered which materials are best to make a space suit, the material has to be strong but flexible, covering the astronaut’s whole body, including their hands and feet. They also need a helmet that they can see through but that blocks out the sun.

What a fantastic day!

Thank you to all the parent helpers who helped make our trip possible.

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  1. That looks like fun?

  2. Great experience
    Thx for this trip.

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