There were floods of tears outside the school gates this morning as year 5 set off to the Surrey countryside for a geography field trip residential. We do hope that all parents are feeling a bit better now! After a first class journey we arrived at the location in time for packed lunch in the joyous sunshine. Next we went to our rooms, made our beds from scratch and prepared ourselves for the afternoon’s activities. First of all it was orienteering. After learning how to read a compass to find our bearings, we set off into the sunshine and up the hill towards the mysterious tower. Up and down hills we went, through deep woodland following clues and our compass directions. Upon reaching the peak, we settled down to sketch the beautiful landscape around us. A poignant moment indeed! The final part of the journey took us back down the hill where we discovered a treasure trove full of cake. Apparently we have spaghetti bolognese for dinner followed by apple and blackberry crumble. I will let you know tomorrow.

12 comments on “OUR DAYS OUT

  1. Looks like you guys had fun today

  2. Josie Hodgson says:

    Hi guys, just watched the video! It looks absolutely stunning! Hope your first night at Juniper Hall was exciting and that you all managed to get some sleep? Have a wonderful day in the fresh air and glorious sunshine! Lots of love from Leah HG’s mummy xxx

  3. Carlene and jay says:

    Looks amazing hope u and all your friends are enjoying your time in the glorious countryside just watched the video with your dad brought a tear to my eye love and miss you kaira xxxxxxx

  4. Cheryl Dennison says:

    Hi Ruby, Kate and all of you in year 5, glad to hear you’re having a wonderful time, enjoy the wonderful fresh air and using up lots of energy! Breakfast looked lovely. Missing you already, and looking forward to seeing you on Friday and catching up with all the news of Juniper Hall, love and hugs Mum xxx

  5. Hi, Imtiaz! looks like you are having alot of fun. we all miss you very much especially your older brother. have fun & take care of yourself and all your friends. say hello to cayden, tobi, omar & alamin. xxxx.

  6. I love and miss you Debbie. Come home soon.

    From David and Joshua and Dammy

  7. Funke Koko says:

    Hello guys,
    Guess you are all have a splendid time. Enjoy yourself and looking forward to having you all back.

    Debbie & David’s Mum.

  8. I hope you all are having a great time, and it looks like it! Such a good experience for the kids being away from home for the first time. And a slightly difficult but useful lesson for us parents too. Gros bisous ma boubounette.

    Vania (Inès’ dad)

  9. WE DID HAVE FUN Yahye And we did do mammal trap

  10. The first day was a great opening to our journey at juniper hall everyone was buzzing with excitement and what a great day we had. I dont think I slept a wink. Lets get ready for another fun day!

  11. Ruweyda says:

    sounds like you guys had a fantastic time at the juniper hall
    i hope you had a great time

  12. Wow I can’t wait till year five now it looks like you had so much fun

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