Our days out 2

Yesterday we enjoyed a marathon trek through the beautiful countryside, beginning with a steep climb all the way to the top of Box hill, where we enjoyed a well earned sandwich stop! At various places along the way (including the visitors centre, spectacular view point and zig zag road where the Olympic cycle race took place), we carried out an environmental survey – investigating the impact of tourism on the local area and drawing upon our knowledge of soil erosion. On our way back to the centre, we ambled through sun dappled woodland where we clambered, swung and balanced our way along the activity trail. Then after a tasty dinner of fish and chips, we returned to our mammal traps to welcome our local residents – Gary the vole and Woody the Wood Mouse! To round of our day we used our last burst of energy for a mini Olympics tournament, before nestling down with a delicious hot chocolate. It certainly didn’t take as long to fall asleep last night!

6 comments on “Our days out 2

  1. Matilda 5VB says:

    The residential was amazing and a good way to enjoy the countryside. Every day we walked up a hill and before breakfast we made our packed lunches.

  2. Surrey was beautiful the view was amazing.

  3. Julian 5MW says:

    Very fun and beautiful can’t wait to go to France next year

  4. are you exited for year 6

  5. I remember this ( Juniper Hall, I mean ) very well and I always will. It was an amazing experience, I wish it could happen every week!
    I am definitely mentioning this in next year’s year 6 leaver’s assembly as one of my favorite memories in my whole time in Torriano.

  6. By the way, yes, I am really looking towards year 6! Although I will miss year 5 very much, we all have to move on, or we won’t get anywhere in life! ;))

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