Lights, Camera, Action!

This week Year 5 have been working with an incredible duo: Tanya Motie and Andy Gilbert, to create their own TV news report about the proposed 2026 MARS ONE mission (the first ever human mission to Mars). Over the last two days, Tanya has been working with script writers, actors and producers from Year 5, in order to produce the report, which was filmed in school today by Andy using super green screen technology. The film will take a centre stage in Year 5’s STEAM Exhibition (alongside the children’s written newspaper reports) and will take us 10 years into the future to discover what it might be like if humans manage to colonise Mars.
As part of their STEAM work, the children in Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of exploring the question, ‘How can we colonise a planet sustainably?’

Thank you Tanya and Andy for such a fantastic opportunity and for helping Year 5 to share their fascinating discoveries. We look forward to revealing the film at our STEAM exhibition next week!

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  1. Thalia Boulanger says:

    It was a great pleasure to be in this project with Tanya and Andy. I was one of the producers and I’m looking forward to seeing the video that will take part in our STEAM exhibition. I hope that the people, who will travel to Mars, will be able to live on the red planet. :) .

  2. Great job

  3. Cool

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