Life in the Stone Age

Year 3 had a very exciting Stone Age Day this week.  Our teachers had transformed into fierce hunters who took us on a hunting and gathering session in the playground, followed by stories of our ancestors in the magic cave. Next we stole into the mysterious school unnoticed by the rest of the students and painted our walls with cave handprints and animals.  Sarah, an archaeologist from UCL then showed us lots of artefacts from the era and explained how they are identified.  We finished the day by making Stone Age necklaces from salt dough and singing a few ecologically themed songs as we worked.

What a perfect day.

2 comments on “Life in the Stone Age

  1. Which is your favourite and why? Stone, Bronze or Iron?

  2. I liked all but mostly stone
    Because it’s more earthy like.I don’t know how to explain but they used The recourses around them and it didn’t harm the planet at all and I guess it’s more modern.Am I allowed to comment back? 🤔

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