Innovation in Flight!

On Friday, Year 5 went on a visit to the RAF museum in order to carry out some research for their STEAM project on ‘Innovation in Aviation during WW1‘ The children really enjoyed visiting the, ‘First World War in the Air‘ exhibition, where they took part in a workshop and explored the amazing technological advances that happened during the war. They enjoyed trying on pilots’ uniforms (the leather coat really was heavy!), exploring a pilot’s work bunk (and sending a few morse code messages!), having a go at steering a plane in the simulator, and taking the role of pilot and observer in a model surveillance plane. Later on, the children discovered the history of flight timeline and it took a bit of a walk to reach the very beginning – the first ever flight of a powered flying machine in 1903, invented by the Wright Brothers. Year 5 are now looking forward to sharing all of their fantastic discoveries during their STEAM exhibition, but in the mean time, I’m sure they can share some of their knowledge with you…

How important was the Wright Brothers’ invention for aviation?
What were the very first planes in WW1 like, and how were they used?
How and why did planes develop during WW1?

One comment on “Innovation in Flight!

  1. Zafeerah 5VB says:

    I learnt a lot from the RAF Museum. The pilots used to wear REALLY warm clothes because the plane would be FREEZING!!

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