High Street Extravaganza!

Year 1 opened their Torriano High Street to families and friends, showing off an enormous range of skills. The children used their linguistic and physical oracy strands to sell their goods to customers. They all spoke clearly and with confidence. Each shop was signposted with a shop front created on the Paper 53 app, as inspired by our work with The Secret Artist.

Everything the children sold had been made in class. The Fruit Shops had fruit kebabs, and the Bakerys had cookies and muffins, all created in the Earth Kitchen. No sugar was added to the baking, linking to our Right to be Healthy. The Flower Stalls had paper flowers and the Art Shops a range of water colours. The China Shops were adorned with clay pots, while the Jewellery Stalls were filled with colourful necklaces. The Toy Shops demonstrated the importance of a Right to a Childhood with sock puppets which had been sewn by the children.

Thank you to all who came, and to our KS2 children who supported Year 1.

One comment on “High Street Extravaganza!

  1. This was a brilliant event which the children (and staff!) clearly worked very hard on.

    Loads of skills were on display, from pottery manufacture to writing compelling advertising posters to using maths skills to calculate what coins could be used to make up the right price.

    The children seemed rightly proud of their own High Street. Well done everyone!

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