Eagle Heights visit

With STEAM fast approaching EYFS and Key Stage 1 were in for a treat today when some rather large birds came to visit. We loved meeting the barn owl who flew so silently. Also the enormous golden eagle wandered between us all and flew over our heads. It was very exciting!

One comment on “Eagle Heights visit

  1. Thalia boulanger says:

    It was quite an excitement for our school and it seemed to me that it was very pivotal. My favourite part was when the man brought in the bold eagle ,which hit rich in the face (that was quite funny)! I learned lots of things which i never knew such as an eagle’s eye is so big that it can’t move its eyes. It has to move its head to look in a different direction. Also, when its flying it can turn upside down without moving its head! however, it is quite sad that the birds ate the chic.My favourite bird that i saw was the bold eagle! I had a fantastic time. :)

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