Day for Change- Fundraising Total

This year’s Day for Change was truly incredible.  Raising money for children with malnutrition, each class rose to the occasion and broke every previous record.

The week began with a school assembly delivered by our school councillors and then there was, poster design, a readathon, letters to our families, the mileathon and a wonderful UNICEF themed emergency hospital. Watch our film to see our change makers in action.

Each class then arranged their own fundraising activities over the following two weeks.  We had cake sales, pogoing, busking, lemonade sales, silences…the list goes on.

In short, you were amazing! Your empathy for those less fortunate than yourselves was wonderful to witness and remember that the money we raised will be doubled by UNICEF.

We raised a record £1,646.71, this will go to pay for nurses, food and vitamins for children suffering the effects of malnutrition.

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