Day 2 Juniper Hall

After a quiet night’s sleep, we were woken up bright and early to the peaceful sounds of the countryside. Next we had a quick game of football, prepared our own packed lunches and then breakfast was served. Delicious! Following breakfast we went back into the classroom to learn about the various small mammals found in the countryside. Excited, we took a look inside the traps that we had set the previous evening. Check out the video and discover what we found. This afternoon we will be looking at erosion and visiting a neighbouring village. We are so lucky that the teachers have so much energy!

5 comments on “Day 2 Juniper Hall

  1. I cant wait to be in year5!!!!!!!

  2. you will get that oppotunity Cecily

  3. once in a lifetime

  4. it was brilliant but the flies were extremely anoying

  5. Abdulahi 6ES says:

    Yes they were really annoying. One of the flies tried to go into my hot chocolate drink but flew away instead.

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