Dark Matter

Years 5 created compositions based on the theme of dark mater and dark energy as part of our STEAM exhibition. They were very lucky to get help on this topic, by sending some questions to astro-physicist Professor Catherine Heymans:

Heymans received a first class Masters in Physics at University of Edinburgh in 2000. In 2003 she received her PhD from University of Oxford. She won a series of prestigious fellowships at Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, University of British Columbia, Institut d’astrophysique de Paris and University of Edinburgh. In 2009 she was awarded a Starting Grant from the European Research Council and has since been made a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. In 2018 she was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

She very kindly sent a video answering these questions, which helped the children with their musical choices when composing their pieces. We hope to keep strong links with her in the future, especially with the science lab near to completion.

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