Conscription in year 6

This week year 6 have been learning about conscription during WWI. Within a year of Great Britain declaring war on Germany in August 1914, it had become obvious that it was not possible to continue fighting by relying on voluntary recruits.  Lord Kitchener’s campaign – promoted by his famous “Your Country Needs You” poster – had encouraged over one million men to enlist by January 1915.  But this was not enough to keep pace with mounting casualties.  The government saw no alternative but to increase numbers by conscription – compulsory active service. Parliament was deeply divided but recognised that because of the imminent collapse of the morale of the French army, immediate action was essential.  In literacy year 6 have used role play to understand what it was like for the many men who had to leave their families and head across the English Channel to fight for their King and country.

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