Anglo-Saxon cooking

Year 5 had great fun cooking Anglo-Saxon inspired dishes. Children first used what they had learnt about food miles and excess packaging by choosing locally grown and loose fruit and vegetables from the grocer’s.

All children then helped to peel and chop vegetables for our Anglo-Saxon stew – which they couldn’t get enough of. Some children also made an apple crumble that everyone got to try and which was described as ‘amazingly tasty’.

Not bad for simple ingredients the Anglo-Saxons would have used!

7 comments on “Anglo-Saxon cooking

  1. Looks fun

  2. Was it nice ? Did you like it.

  3. BitterNut? says:

    It looks really FUN!!!

  4. Yes it was DELICIOUS!!!!!

  5. It was so delicious and it was so fun to cook.

  6. It was so nice ?

  7. Tasty! I wish I ate it

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