A visit from the only British Maya archaeologist in the world!

Last week, Year 5 were visited by the only British Maya archaeologist in the world, Dr. Diane Davies. She described her role as an archeologist and told us all about her experiences of discovery in Guatemala. Diane showed us video clips and pictures of herself at work and of the Maya artefacts she has found. She also brought in some of the tools that archaeologists use.
It was so interesting to hear about how Diane survived and lived in the extremely hot jungle among the wild mammals, bugs, poisonous snakes and with no electricity! We enjoyed a virtual tour of the archaeologists’ camp in the jungle including their kitchen, huts, tents, showers and work areas. But what do they do for fun? The children were pleased to hear that they have their own football pitch, cinema and a playhouse for the archeologists’ children. The morning jungle sounds and sights were very impressive. Diane finished her workshop with question time, which was extremely popular!

Can you answer any of these these questions?

How do we know about the Maya?
How many Maya live today? Which country do they mainly live in?
What were the Maya pyramids used for?
How tall is one of the largest Maya pyramids in the world?
Can you describe any of the tools Diane uses when at an archeologist site?
Can you remember some of the important artefacts she found?
Why is a compass so important for Diane?
What wakes the archaeologists up in the morning?

8 comments on “A visit from the only British Maya archaeologist in the world!

  1. What did year five learn?

  2. Maya is how you spell it

  3. I learnt that one Maya temple is so tall that you can see it out of the a plane window and they built it without scaffolding.

  4. we learnt about the maya

  5. Thank you for sharing your visit with Dr Diane Davies beyond the school community via your blog. we are delighted that you had such a positive experience and agree that Diane is very knowledgeable about a topic that few of us are very familiar.

    Did you know that LGfL are working on a new resource about Maya which will feature augmented reality objects?

    Bob Usher
    LGfL Content Manager

  6. We learnt about the Maya (obviously) but as well as that we asked the archaeologist about information that was so rare that no one on the internet had made a website about. I wouldn’t want to spoil anything now for anyone who likes archaeology but I can tell you her daily routine. In the morning an alarm doesn’t wake her up, instead a monkey wakes her up! Later in the day she doesn’t go to a big sky-scraper for an office but she goes into a hand made office. For her dinner, she doesn’t use great ovens but she uses a stove. And that is the life for the only British Maya archaeologist in the world.

  7. In my opinion that was one of the best days of my life

  8. We learnt about them aswell!😁

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