A-maya-zing work

Year 5 kick-started the Spring term by sharing their brilliant Maya homework projects! After the children shared their fascinating findings with each other, each class collected  their facts together and the children prepared to become myth busters! As part of our new topic, ‘Maya: Myth, Mystery and Marvel’ the children will be finding out about Maya life. Throughout the project, we will return to our original research to discover if any of our facts are actually myths. This will help us to become true historians, investigating the validity of historical sources. Next week, we look forward to a visit from Dr. Diane Davies – an expert Maya archaeologist.

2 comments on “A-maya-zing work

  1. Cecily Chitty 5VB says:

    My home works in one of the pictures.I learnt so much about the Maya in research and other people’s research!

  2. Thalia Boulanger says:

    My homework is the Maya clay temple, which is called El Castillo. I have learnt so much information about the Maya. I wouldn’t have done such an amazing model without my dad’s help.

    Facts: El Castillo has 365 steps, which is the same number as the days of the year! On June the 21st a shadow of a snake appears on the temple. That is the only day in the year, when we can see the shadow. :)

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