5E Go Live!

5E impressed parents, students and staff in today’s Live Lesson about their Maya learning. They shared their knowledge of Maya temples, rituals, weapons, animals, food, maths, writing and sports.

Our audience were treated to blindfolded food tasting of Maya delicacies, tricky maths tests with Maya numbers, ambitious computing projects and attempting to hit balls through a stone hoop using only their elbows and hips!

A highlight of the lesson was when drumming brought oracy to a brief halt and dancing took over the hall in a flashmob of Maya warrior moves.

If you missed it, stop by 5E to read all about Maya life in our concertina non-chronological reports or ask any 5E children to tell you all about it!

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  1. Hi guys,
    I hope you all remember me, Mateja. I thought of Torriano and started looking at the website. I saw 5e and thought I should write a comment.

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