STEAM: 3D Martian Structures

Today in Maths, Year 5 put their knowledge of 3D shapes to the test – their task: to create a 3D structure that could form a shelter on Mars to house and grow crops. Using wooden sticks, straws and Blu Tac, the children explored different 3D shapes in order to figure out which one would be the most practical to assemble and to grow plants in (for example, we had to think about which shapes would let the most light in!). Some children built their shelter by combining two 3D shapes together, although this did make labelling the vertices, edges and faces a little trickier! Which 3D shape do you think would make the best shelter on Mars?

2 comments on “STEAM: 3D Martian Structures

  1. Former Pupil says:

    Arches are strong, and can be used on Mars. Bear in mind that when you build a dome from glass it will have a


    effect making the structure heat up more easily.

  2. Cool 3D art year 5! You are learning about making 3D sculptures which is really fun… I really like the idea about 3D shelters for Mars

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